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First Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey DLC Releases Next Week

There will be two story extensions for Assassin & Created Odyssey, the first of which will be released next week. It was confirmed that the first episode of the DLC entitled Legacy of the First Blade will be released on December 4th. Episode DLC will be released for this title on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In the DLC episode, Darius is represented in the mix, which is the first registered owner of the Hidden blade and the shameful assassin of the Persian king Xerxes. DLC will plunge deeper into the beginning of the Assassins Brotherhood, and will also add new abilities for players to unlock and receive equipment.

Players will fight against new enemies in this episode, as well as take part in a naval battle. It will be possible to configure the equipment as in the main game. Players will go through this whole process to find out if Darius is a villain or a hero.

The second episodic story game for the game is scheduled for 2019. It is called "The Fate of Atlantis." This expansion will delve into Greek mythology with players seeking to rescue a sunken city.

The legacy of the first blade will be available for purchase on December 4th.

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