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Emiliano Sala is gone: ex-girlfriend makes violent statements

Cardiff’s former girlfriend, signatory to Emiliano Sala, said the player may still be alive on the island.

Berenis Shkair, 26, also blamed the “series of irresponsibility” after 28-year-old Sala and 59-year-old pilot David Ibbotson disappeared when their plane crashed near the Channel Islands last Monday, January 21.

While the search for the forward and pilot worth $ 27.4 million was stopped on Thursday, it resumed later on the weekend after Lionel Messi and other players financed a new mission, The Sun reports.

Now ex-girlfriend Shkair told the Argentine media Infobae she believes that he is still alive and sheds light on her previous comments from the "football mafia".

She said: “I have hope that he will appear, that he is alive. Where? On the island. I feel, like his family, that he could not disappear. ”

When asked about her posts on social networks, calling for an “investigation into the football mafia,” which have since been deleted, the 26-year-old said: “It was a boost.

“I felt something strange, dark. But I have no information about anything.

"The only thing I felt was that if the plane disappears from the face of the earth, two people disappear and no one wants to look for them, and everything remains hidden, then this is something strange."


The Argentine model was asked if she believed that the disappearance of her lover was an accident, and she said: “I want to think that it was an accident, but then I feel that there was a whole series of irresponsibility that led to this horror.

“Irresponsibility is a little by everyone. Why was the pilot, if he did not have the correct license?

“Why did the plane take off anyway, despite the fact that Amy said it was bad? Why did they send the plane in poor condition?

“Why did they soar in such weather?” Why didn't the club look after him if they bought a player of this level?

And when she was asked what she would do if Sala did not appear, she replied: “Find the person in charge, they need to investigate and not leave everything secret.

“If something terrible happens, the family will have to conduct a thorough investigation and knock on many doors.

"But if Amy shows up, the only thing that matters to me is that he will fulfill his dream and play football again."

The statements of the model appeared after The Sun exclusively showed that the pilot Dave Ibbotson once crashed the plane on the runway, without having time to lower his chassis.

He wrote off the Piper Cherokee from the abdomen to an exercise that simulated engine failure in 1995.

Ibbotson is not listed in the Accident Investigation Department (AAIB) report, but sources confirmed that it was him.

He had previously admitted that he was “slightly rusty” with a tool landing system before the Piper Malibu disappeared from the radar screens eight days ago when she dragged Salou from her old Nantes club in Cardiff.

He had a basic license of a private pilot and had 246 hours of flight experience when, on May 9, 24 years ago he lifted the Cherokee at Hibaldstow airfield.

The Ministry of Transport, which manages the AAIB, declined to comment on people, and Skydive Hybalstow did not answer calls.

This article first appeared on The Sun and was reprinted with permission.

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