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Davis Trade Domino Effect – Irving, Thompson, Ball Rumors

Kyrie Irving is pretty cool from playing second fiddle with LeBron James in Cleveland, but now it’s reported that he is very ready to join the King as Los Angeles Lakers.

This news will be a blow to Boston Celtics, especially considering that Irving verbally promised to stay at Celtic beyond the scope of his current deal, but the Bleacher Report says that a source close to Celtics believes that Irving is "genuinely interested" to reunite with James in Los Angeles.

"This is for real," the source told senior writer Rick Bucher.

The pair had previously been in touch since Irving had requested a deal from Cavaliers, citing the need to get out from under James.

The duo appeared just recently to correct the situation. Signs began a few weeks ago when James mentioned Irving as one of dozens of good players with whom he would like to play.

Irving then publicly announced that he had called James to apologize for his behavior as a young player in the Cavs, for which even later James published a video about his singing. Rewind, noting Irving on Instagram.

If this move happens, and the Lakers also acquire Anthony Davis in trade with the pelicans of New Orleans, this will mean that the Lakers have to lose some significant assets before acquiring both of them.


One of these assets, a second-year guard, Lonzo Ball, does not want to approach unsuccessful pelicans.

Following Davis’s mid-season trade inquiry, which puts the Lakers in a strong position to earn ready-made talent in his youth to surround James, Ball began to position himself, as trade now seems inevitable.

Athletic reported that Ball’s camp does not want to land in New Orleans and would prefer a third team to participate in the potential trade.

Arguments in favor of the fact that the “Pelicans” already have a point guard, and Ball wants to lead his own team.

Of course, what Ball’s camp wants is irrelevant. If the Lakers send him in a package and pick up Davis, they will do it in no time, without worrying about Ball's inclinations.


Another name circulated in the rumors of the Lakers trade is the star of the Golden State Clay Thompson.

Thompson, who, by his standards, fought during periods of ups and downs, often said that he would like to become a “Warrior for Life”, but there is a chance that Kevin Durant will terminate the contract, and his colleague surge Stef Curry has already concluded a maximum deal that warriors may not be able to pay Thompson the money he wants.

Imagine ESPN star analyst Adrian Voinarovsky, who says that if the Lakers get Davis and the Warriors don't offer the maximum deal, then the third dream star in Los Angeles is Thompson.

“If this happens, then, as I was told, Clay’s attention will be focused on the Lakers, the team of his hometown, if they have Anthony Davis,” said Woynarovski in the Sport Center.

All trade shifts seem to be centered around Davis, and if it is postponed until February 7th.

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