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After buying Epic Store, Steam users review Bomb Metro Games

It was a damn week for all those who participated in the post-apocalyptic series of survival shooters undergroundOn Monday, the last game in the series, Metro Exodusbecame the exclusive Epic Games Store, prompting Valve to call the sudden departure "unfair to Steam customers." For some Steam users, this has become a solid call.

While Epic plans to complete all the Steam pre-orders, and Deep Silver sells the game at a lower price than Steam would have for North Americans (thanks to a more favorable income distribution of Epic 88/12), this means that fans will have to play Metro Exodus on another PC gaming program, which at the moment is a “skeleton” bordering a bad game, wrinkles that they didn’t expect just a couple of weeks after the game’s February 15 release date.

Physical copies of Metro Exodus will not come with a Steam key.

Deep Silver's decision to leave Steam in the post-apocalyptic market of the wastelands is about to begin. After the surprise of users and industry representatives that Metro Exodus will become the exclusive Epic Games store in time, the official Metro Exodus account has confirmed that those who buy physical copies will not even receive Steam keys when they purchase.

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This led to a constant protest in the form of everything, starting from the observation bombs of the recordings of the previous series. Metro 2033 and Metro: Ray of Hope annoy comments on all possible posts in social networks related to the game.

The bombs of the Steam review, especially, were vicious: over 3000 negative reviews were posted on the pages of the Steam store 2033 and Last light in the last two days.

"This game is really good, but F ** K Deep Silver for their [censored by Steam] actions regarding Metro Exodus“- says one of the most highly voted.

“Let me just rate this game negatively, while Deep Silver sucks Epic & # 39; s [censored by Steam] in the next room, ”says another.

“I'm going to buy the game next week, but greedy publishers don't want me to buy it, so I'm going to pirate it,” says the third.

Unfortunately, this is not a surprising response, given that the audience that Steam has been growing over the years has been indirectly and unequivocally defended by an irresponsible non-interference approach, allowing the player versus developer to develop an all-pervading atmosphere and is unable to constantly protect against test bombs. and other forms of toxicity. What is surprising is that Valve decided to make a public statement that would almost certainly annoy these people.

The company either chose a dirty game, knocking out a hornet's nest, and then throwing it out the door next. Metro Exodusor he is terribly naive about the behavioral tendencies of his audience.

underground Fans also accused the publisher of THQ Nordic that things went unexpectedly, but he explained that Koch Media, a subsidiary whose game unit underground the publisher of Deep Silver, made the call. Yesterday on Twitter THQ Nordic said he does not exclude future exclusives, but wants “the players choose the platform to their liking and make our portfolio available to as many outlets as possible”.

However, CEO Lars Wingefors later reiterated this in a statement on the THQ investor site, stating that he “fully” supports “the autonomy of our subgroups in managing their enterprises” and, in particular, “fully” supports this decision.

Kotaku contacted Deep Silver and Epic for more information about why the deal was made, when it was made, and what companies are planning to take, if something happens, but the first one did not respond, and the second refused to comment.

"I think Epic will [do] all to help, and I didn't have the impression that Steam is crap. "

AT however, in a press release about this deal, Epic’s CEO and founder Tim Sweeney made his appeal at least partially obvious when he said that Metro Exodus will be “backed up by Epic’s marketing support and Epic’s commitment to offering 88% revenue sharing,” which, according to Deep Silver CEO Clemens Kundratitz, will allow his company to “invest more in the future underground and our ongoing partnership with the developer of the 4A Games series, in the interests of our underground fans. "

However, it remains to be seen whether everything will be true. What happens in the end if underground sold as a torn gas mask in an irradiated wasteland instead of a hot cake anywhere?

People also swarming on official game accounts in social networks and even those of some people, including Dmitry Glukhovsky, who wrote a series of books on which underground based and also helps write storytelling games.

Initially, people believed that Glukhovsky, in an unexpected turn, was also frankly opposed to taking the train without Steam, but despite the screenshots or the now-removed or never-existing Instagram comment in which he allegedly said he was powerless ready ”because his series was“ killed ”, his accessible comments on Instagram point to the opposite.

"I am not responsible for the business decisions of the publisher, I do my little thing – I imagine worlds," he said in response to the accusation of one person.

“Why?” He asked someone else, and he said that the deal is a bad decision. "I think Epic will [do] all to help, and I didn't have the impression that Steam is crap. "

Kotaku turned to Glukhovsky for clarification, but he did not respond before publication.

Undoubtedly, Epic Games Store needs work, but no one needs Steam's stranglehold, and competition — what people have been asking for over the years — is not always friendly.

Is an Metro ExodusExodus to the Epic Land uncomfortable? Definitely. Is it worth so much fuss? Probably no. And although many of the hundreds of responses to Glukhovsky’s post either (erroneously) punish him or fan the flames of arguments, several attempts to present the situation in perspective.

“All these hateful comments related to Dmitry and 4A are the silliest thing I've ever seen, not counting the bombings of reviews on Steam (a good way to show at Epic Games how“ useful ”user reviews are)”, one answer. ,

"Yes, the Epic Store has its own problems, and some things look suspicious, but they are working on it (for example, they give the price difference Hades back, at least here and return policy). There are other more reasonable ways to solve problems for publishers. ”

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