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A friend requires 183 dollars for a conversation after he changes her

The woman came up with an inventive way to take revenge on the former "deceiver" – by charging him compensation.

Tony Osborne – who broke up with her former partner three years ago, claiming that he "deceived" her – decided to get her back when she recently contacted.

Having initially ignored her messages, he began to beg for an answer when she came up with the creative idea of ​​raising money.

Sharing the exchange on Twitter, she wrote: “I told my former £ 100 ($ 183) to answer him, and he actually sent it.”

She also uploaded screenshots that he seemed to have implored her to talk to him about.

He said: "I just say everything I need, I will do it."

After her unusual request for money, he was shocked by her commitment.

“Fine, don't lie. Give me your bank, and everything is ready, he answers.

Sending him her account number and sorting code, she says: “You are silent.”

He replies: "I am sending."

The next screen shot is an application for Tony’s bank account, showing that the money was miraculously added to her account.

He even added a link with the translation, which said: "Here you are."

Post Tony instantly became viral, receiving more than 3,000 retweets and more than 32,000 likes.

Twitter users turned out to be huge fans of compensation technology, many praised this bright idea.

However, she makes it clear that there should be no sympathy for her former partner.

Commenting on her post, she said: "Just to let everyone know that this is the guy who deceived me and threw me three years ago, so this is compensation."

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