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A community mourns a 14-year-old boy killed in a Sydney storm

Anguished steppe magic exposed her soul in a heart-rending tribute to her 14-year-old boy, who lost his life in yesterday's death storm.

In a heartbreaking message in social networks, the pedometer of a 14-year-old who was killed in a terrible storm by Sydney yesterday spoke of a special connection with her boy.

The community on the north coast of Sydney is in a state of shock, since popular football player and high school student Pennant Hills Dylan Langhorn was named the victim of a tragic accident during yesterday's heavy rain.

He died after a horrific two-car accident in Thornley, on the north bank of Sydney, and the driver died when a car collided with a bar on Old Avenue Rd in South Wentworthville around 7 pm.

Stephen teen, Janda Thompson, spoke about the special relationship with her boy in the position in social networks for the night. “If I could keep the boy another time, I love you,” she said.

“Today was a tragic incident. I will never forget our special bond, and we could tell me something. Love me, my dear, and if you could see the most amazing support we receive today, which you would hate.

"You will always be with me, and I will always say that I have five beautiful magnificent children."

She marked her fiancé, Shane Langhorn, in an emotional fast, saying she knows that they are "the best parents."

The “Gofundme” page was started by a family friend to help cover the funeral expenses of a teenager A Pennant Hills High School spokesman said the students were heartbroken by the loss of a “very beloved student.”

“We cannot begin to explain what grief this brought to our school and its community,” said the spokesman.

“Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are connected with family, friends, students and teachers who grieve.

“If someone feels that it’s difficult to cope in difficult times, please feel free to contact any of our teachers or consultants (sic) for help. “Pennant Hills High School is a community.

“In times like these, we are not broken, we unite and draw closer.

"We will find the strength to go through these incomprehensible times." Football club Dylan Thornleigh Thunder FC also went to social networks to express their condolences.

“With the heaviest heart and the greatest sorrow, we humbly express our deepest condolences to Shane and Janda and the families,” the club’s spokesman wrote.

“None of us can understand how they are feeling right now and will not know what to say or do. On your behalf, the Thunder Group, we send our / your joint condolences at this moment of stunned mind. ”

Dylan was one of the three victims of yesterday's horror.

Fortunately, the NSW SES volunteer, in his 40 years, died “after collapsing” while on duty at Flinders, south of Wollongong.

The third person, who is still to be identified, also died when their car crashed into a power pole on Old Avenue Rd in South Wentworthville around 7 pm last night.

“This is a tragic event, and my deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of the man,” said Emergency Minister Troy Grant in a statement.

“My thoughts and prayers are also related to the wider community of emergency services,” he added.

Two policemen were also seriously injured when a tree fell on their car in Northern Ryde.

The female officer had a suspicious broken leg, and the male officer was burned. Extinguishing waters began to dissipate, and strong weather warnings were canceled, although strong outbursts remain likely.

“We have concerns that with wet soil we will see more debris on the roads, branches falling out of trees and trees, tipping over roads or objects,” said Ashley Sullivan of NSW State Emergency Services told Channel Seven.

"Therefore, we ask people to be careful."

SES received almost 5,000 calls for help, resulting in more than 2,000 jobs on Wednesday, including 18 flood rescue sites.

About 140 jobs that remain outstanding, said Mr. Sullivan. Only about 1,000 homes and businesses in the north of Sydney still have no power after the crews performed nightly restoration services throughout the city.

Flights to and from Sydney Airport continue to linger due to bad weather, at least four domestic flights are canceled on Thursday morning.

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