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$ 300 Fallout 76 Edition Promise Fancy Bags, instead is a nylon garbage

Power Armor Edition for $ 299.95 Fallout 76 promised fans a lot of things, including what looked like a very good canvas bag. Which they did not receive, because between the announcement of the package and the delivery of it, Bethesda pulled out the lil switcheroo.

Upstairs is a military-style canvas bag, as promised (and, as it is still advertised on sites like Amazon):

And that's what was sent to the fans:

Oh my God.

Problems with costs and production occur all the time with collection editions, ranging from what breaks down to numbers, and not because the components directly disappear.

What causes problems here – and many people are very unhappy about it – perhaps two things. First, this game is not very good in itself, which would aggravate the disappointment of the masses.

Secondly, this is Bethesda's answer. Fans complaining about the switch get answers like this:

So, Bethesda understood that they were changing their bag, saying nothing, not offering anything, releasing the game, and now when fans complain that they don’t receive advertising and what they pay for, they receive an email that literally says “we hope it’s not prevents you from enjoying what we think is one of our best collectible editions. ”

This is due to the fact that the Power Armor edition of the game was postponed to such an extent that Bethesda had to send email codes to customers so that they could play the game while they waited for their giant boxes to appear.

This game is a mess.

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