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"You are so … always?", Kalu Rivero did not expect so much criticism

It was a very difficult year for Calu riverobecause he ran into one of the most painful episodes of his life and had the courage to convict Juan Darth before the court for the persecution, which he reported suffering during the recording of "Dulce amor". Although mediation has not progressed, a trial is expected, and the former main characters of the band will be face to face in the courts.

We could call this the liberator of 2018. actress He returned to settle in Argentina after four years of living in New York, and now he is launching a new project that brings it back to a small screen with Bells at Night, a fantastic strip that opens in mid-January. Telefe. In addition, he participated in "The Right, Comedy with Food", organized by José Maria Muscari in the theater.

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Meanwhile painter Enjoy your new life, the rebirth of the emotional, psychological and spiritual. Although she never lost her characteristic smile, now she feels much freer and fuller, so she usually shares unique moments with nature from social networks. However this time young picked up an inconsistent video from his Instagram account that left him in the center of criticism.

Although Morocha He tried to convey joy and good energy with a very specific dance, his fans did not understand very well the message he wanted to leave. “Let's talk all night about this magic. Thanks for the universe, ”she wrote, but the negative comments did not take long to come and called it“ the pilot ”and drug use. These were the most powerful messages he received from his followers:

meow_iqq Stop occupying space on the planet! You lump, skinny.

joliii77 this mine is very burnt

sole1208 pelotte …

loschistesdehugo Calu vos SOS so always stupid or is it a drug product?

gimeniita_08 Ahh, but what is instructive, what are you doing! What an interesting art … what is your life about?

elittttttto Bajate del poni locaaa sos infumablee

kazuluzu What would it be! ????? I do not understand

kazuluzu Oh God, step back, hahaha …

Florcyromerodiaz Leave nursing

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