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Yellow fever: more than 300 people were vaccinated on the square on July 9

The government of the city Posadas conducts operations for vaccination against yellow fever every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 12 in the square on July 9.

The application does not require a medical order and is free and compulsory because it is part of the national calendar.

The first dose of the vaccine is indicated for children aged 18 months, and a booster should be given at age 11. While people who have never been immunized, should receive a single dose that prevents disease throughout their lives. While those who were vaccinated in the 2009 campaign, are already protected from this disease.

Diana Aguilera, responsible for the immunization area, said that “so far in January, more than 300 doses have been placed on the health post that we have in the square. We also visit many questions about the myths of this vaccine. The intention is to bring the service and the health care system closer to all the people of Posadas. "

In parallel, doses are available at ten primary care centers (Caps). Covers are located in the vicinity of San Marcos (Avenue Juan J. Paso and 156th Street); Belem (Calle 188 and Pasaje Peatonal); San Gerardo (Avenida Blas Parera No. 5155); Miguel Lanus (Avenue Juan Domingo Perona and Mar Argentino); Las Rosas (streets of Japan and Zabal); Paradises (Calle 6 almost 200); April 2 (Avenue 115 and Santa Cruz); Latin America (Potosi and Azurdui streets); Don Pedro (Calle 53- N ° 1515) and Colonia Aeroparque (Calle 243-Nº 2902).

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