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"Wrong": Nora Karpena and Agustina Kempfer discussed with the guest and left the studio

(Bad video – America)

Her antifeminist position and her defense Juan Dartes before complaint Thelma Fardeen They had the impression that their visit to Inkrulas, the cycle that leads Moria Kasan on the screen of America, it can cause controversy and sharp corners, although it is likely that very few people thought that this would lead to the abandonment of the program of the two participants in the discussion and his own.

It all started when a lawyer told members Moria that "one after another I answer", which gave birth to the first Nora Karpena,

“Yes, please do not educate us, because we are raised by a family,” the actress told him.

“This is what I mean if we are going to start with this controversy,” the lawyer defended.

“No, I'm leaving, so I don’t bother him, because the truth seems rude to me, I’m a very big woman, so the gentleman gives me directions on what to do,” said Karpena, leaving his chair.

From there, a ban was obtained between a lawyer and Agustina Kempfer, another of the La One employees.

– Agustina Kempfer: Anyway, we talked about one thing, so I will continue to ask him. Suppose your partner Florence …

– Francisco Otero: No, please do not give it as an example that has a bad taste.

– Agustina: No, it is not tasteless, if it does not allow me to finish …

– Francisco: Moria, this is what I do not want if you want to interview you. I gave a hand-to-hand interview with the production, I don’t want it.

– Agustina: The doctor, the one who spoke about Florence, was you at the beginning of the program, I remind you.

– Moria Kasan: Doctor, why do you think this is unpleasant?

– Francisco: Because my girlfriend has nothing to do.

– Agustina: If you talked about your girlfriend when you came to the program.

– Francisco: I ask you to continue this conversation, the name that you want to put on the terms that I agreed, which were hand in hand.

Gustine: Oh, he does not want to talk to us, look as well.

– Moria: To see the doctor, to show that he is not afraid, answer the queens.

– Francisco: This is not a question of fear, it is a question of respect, and first of all I am a professional. I remained in this position for some statements that I made, but no more. I work as a lawyer and devote myself to this.

– Agustina: Doctor, I'm talking about your girlfriend, because you raised her when she came to the show.

– Francisco: Please be respectful.

– Agustina: I ask you to be respectful and let me finish the question because I work.

– Francisco: I do not want to answer the question, it was not what I agreed.

– Agustina: Obviously, you are mistaken, Moria, because she is afraid.

– Francisco: It makes you happy to think that I’m afraid, I’m afraid.

– Agustina: Neither happy nor unhappy, I do not care about their fear or their fear.

– Francisco: Great, this is your opinion, and I respect it, contrary to what you do, that you do not respect my opinion.

– Agustina: No, Moria, I can not ask, because he does not want me to ask, what am I doing here then? Nora got up, everything is fine, I was left to ask, but I am also going.

– Francisco: Moria, this is a vicious betrayal, because we are left with the statement that it was hand in hand with you.

– Moria: You said one by one.

– Francisco: No, but the first thing I said was that there were no personal insults, and the first thing he did was put my girlfriend in the middle. I want to ask that we adhere to the terms of the agreement, the agreements must be fulfilled, there was an agreement between the gentlemen.

(Bad video – America)

– Agustina: Well, Moria, can you ask him why he doesn't want to talk to us?

– Francisco: I have already answered, this is childish. Let's discuss the idea, let's discuss the legal, legal issue, and all this is connected with the word one against the other, what feminism is and so on.

– Moria: Well, take the name of Florence.

– Agustina: Well, suppose his girlfriend, who is not Florence.

– Francisco: Moria, I'm not going to answer this, we'll see.

– Moria: Do you want me to do this?

– Agustina: No, not bullshit, I'm not going to do infantilism without asking, because I am as professional as he is, I have the best quality, because I respect people when they work.

– Francisco: Bear in mind, Moria, these are chikans, I don't come here in chikan.

– Agustina: And don't let me finish the question, what is it? Now the guest wants to debate, this is incredible.

– Moria: But the doctor does not want moms.

– Agustina: Well, what should we do then, Moria? I'm leaving, like Nora, because if I can't ask a guest a question, what am I doing here?

– Moria: The doctor does not want you to ask a question.

– Agustina: Well, good afternoon.

A few minutes later, when they all again took their seats at the table, the driver tried to resume his conversation with a lawyer.

“I open the discussion to ask questions to the doctor,” he said. One,

“Well, I would like to raise the question again,” he said. Kämpfer,

“I ask you, please, not to have a personal character, I will gladly answer you if it is not of a personal nature,” he replied. Oneto,

“Well, the man of his doctor, who does not trust him, says that“ six months ago I was raped, I cannot tell you, I can tell you now, but I was on the street … ”, he tried to consult him.

“I really don’t like this question, so please … But I refuse, thank you very much, this turns out to be rude and attacks people, thank you, I should never have come,” the lawyer answered earlier. exit the study.

“This is a classic example of a coward,” the panel member said.

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