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With Mauricio Macri on vacation, Marcos Peña returns to concentrate in power – 12/27/2008

In the office of the head of government, they talk about coincidences and informational vacuum to justify why the center of attention returns to the coordinating minister. Anyway, Marcos Peña in the last hours, he returned to show an undeniable ancestry in the Pink House.

The result was a dinner that ministers played this Thursday in Peña’s office. Almost everyone tried to minimize it. In fact, they explained, the head of the cabinet is having breakfast on Wednesdays and having lunch every Friday with the rest of the staff. On December 28 of this year, Peña will go to Rosada, but some of his employees imagine a shortened day. On the agenda of the cabinet head there is only one meeting with the director of international relations and the G20. Pilar KonchiHis extreme confidence.

Believe it or blast, Peña – between meat, noodles, salad and fruit – was satisfied with the balance of the closing of the last semester, the worst in economic matters, management Mauricio Macri, There was no mention neither publicly nor privately on the battery increase public servicesalthough the minister of transport Guillermo Dietrich He was one of the first who went to the appropriate press conference.

In the government, they proposed to successfully organize G20to authorize budget 2019 December from social world and exchange stability after running a dollar. They believe that they have successfully overcome all these problems. “There was no toast, only coffee,” said one of those present with a hint of melancholy.

Some ministers reported on their own management experience at the height of the crisis and plans for 2019. Dietrich (Transportation), for example, refers to the offer of flights from low cost and Dante Sika (Production) painted a diagnosis of the situation.

Minister of Finance Nicholas Duyovne he could have a dozen jokes to choose from, but he was one of the absent, like his couple of justice Hermann Garavano and Vice President Gabriela Michetti.

Ministers are preparing now work plans their respective portfolios to be delivered to the coordinating minister in the next few days.

Lunch officials seem to be less along with other details that had as the main character Peña in recent days, as the official transfer of the transfer employment office from the interior to the office headquarters.

Peña first acted as the virtual head of the national campaign, which he conducted with dual command in 2015 and absolutely in 2017. The implacable test of this role — who is responsible for identifying some of his closest leaders — is a meeting in which he will spend the next days with Eliza Carrio and that Clarin has advanced.

In the meantime, about Peña reject the return to the execution of the public role, which he held until August 30, when the exchange rate was minimized in an interview with Mithras. “We do not face economic failure,” he said. In the next 72 hours Makri restructured governmentHe cut his office in half, and Peña ceased to be the main representative of the government.

Since then, he has had only a few public statements, and the remaining ministers have devoted themselves to answering all the questions of the government. "This year was very difficult for him, and he always tries to position himself as alter ego president", reflected a high-ranking official who did not participate in the dinner.

In the office, few people discuss their leadership. “Marcos never lost power in the government or centimeters in newspapers, he does not build for him, he is the best performer for Macri in 10 years, he never makes Marcospeñismo,” said another of the agape guests.

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