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Windows Update October 10, 2018 is not returned, users do not install it

However, for many this version was the most of questions of those that were shipped to today around the world, because in it they found a huge number of failures and problems, in fact a few days after release, should have been temporarily withdrawn. However, despite the fact that the signing Redmondafter restarting it, he assured that the initial mistakes had already been eliminated, the truth was something else, to which we must add the distrust that had already formed among the good part users all over the world.

In fact, just a few days ago, comrades softzone We were informed that this version was already available to the vast majority compatible equipmentAvailable via Windows Update and ready for a seamless installation. But with all and with this, distrust with Windows October 10, 2018 continue and how. We say all this because, after the recent report it has just been published by the firm AdduplexIt is known that in December, which is about to end, the update in October 2018 barely reaches 6.6% market penetration.

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Windows Update October 10, 2018 is still not accepted

Although this figure means she managed to double pay As for the previous month, it is still particularly low compared to what happened with other system updates in the past It has a clear meaning, and this is what users still do not trust reliability of version 1809so that 1803 or April 2018 Update It is still the most used, and with a big difference.

Thus, despite the innovations, both functionality and security, which implements October 2018It is clear that users prefer to continue using the current version of the operating system until the year 1809 reaches sufficient maturity. Therefore, in these moments, at the beginning of which 2019 in few days, Windows 10 April 2018 Update This is still the most used version with a penetration of 83.6%.

In conclusion, let us say that at the time when October 2018 is in second place with 6.6%, the update is closely following it. Fall Creators Update or version 1709 from 5.7%. The striking thing about all this is that if in the past we were involved in how new Updates for Windows 10 they shot to Adoption in the first two months this does not happen with version 1809.

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