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Why was he red but not criminal? – 11/28/2018

There is a performance in which gymnastics were performed, when in the corner of Pinol pushed Coroner and saw red. "I can not believe it, I can not believe it," – said the defender, leaving the court. And the wolves and Silva were in the lead, surrounded by the referee Facundo Tello, to ask him why he did not receive a penalty. Because in this dynamic football I could have scored it without being a scandalous mistake.

And then why didn't the judge become a criminal? He had a hawk eye, a VAR eye, to determine that Pinola made this instant, second, from a ball coming out of the center of Ayala's legs. In the sequence of the sequence, you can definitely notice it. That's why Tello, when he picked up a foul, never noted a free-kick, but went to expel Pinola and decided that the corner kicked again.

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They took red to pinola

River 2 – Gym 1. Semifinal. Copa Argentina 2018. Video: TyCSports.

When Ayala kicked, Pinola hit Coronel.

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Pinola had a fortune and a river that Tello carefully observed the key detail: that at the time of the elbow, Ayala had not yet abandoned the center. That is why he did not accuse the criminal.

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