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Why (until now) I can not recommend Redmi GO, the first Xiaomi with Android Go

Xiaomi Redmi GO

Xiaomi introduced Redmi GO this morning. The first bet is now the Redbra subbrand, which comes to conquering the range of entry, which should become the new monopoly of Xiaomi. Leaving its competitors with little competition in quality and price, the company continues to conquer the world. low cost, although in this case little is offered for little money,

The main competitor of Xiaomi Redmi GO is Xiaomi’s own catalog, and this we have terminals that cost a little more than 10 euros, double storage for Redmi GObecome more interesting alternatives for the long term and get results that are somewhat superior to the offer. Without proving this, we open the debate about whether it makes sense to introduce an Android GO in our country.

The first Xiaomi, which I can not recommend (in principle)

Xiaomi Redmi GO

It seems risky to judge a mobile phone by its technical description, which should not be done for reasons of caution, since the technical characteristics of the terminal should not correspond to the final characteristics of the device. However, Redmi GO – exceptional caseWhereas, the Xiaomi catalog is itself fagocita about entering this device on the market. The only attraction of Redmi GO is the “clean” ROM, based on Oreo, with a price of about 80 euros. However, we must not forget what Android GO is, lightweight, layered software with cut applications,

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

In this way, Xiaomi's own catalog prevents Redmi GO from entering Spainwhere we can find alternatives such as Redmi 6A or Redmi 4A at a very similar price. In particular, Redmi 4A, despite some time behind his back has the same redmi go processor, but doubles both internal memory and RAM, offering 2 and 16 GB – expandable with microSD cards – respectively. Its camera has 13 megapixels, and the battery is also slightly higher – at least with a current of 3120 mAh. The price of Xiaomi Redmi 4A is only 13 euros more than Redmi GOThe ridiculous difference in double storage is so important today.

In this case, the hardware is not critical for assessing the performance of the terminal, and, despite the optimization of Android GO, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of memory is not enough even in the input range, even more so

If we are looking for a more recent alternative, we will find Xiaomi Redmi 6A, the last terminal, which doubles the amount of memory compared to Redmi GOand has a processor that, although it is made by MediaTek, above Snapdragon 425, Helium A22-MT6762M- is manufactured using 12 nm technology, compared to 28 nm out of 425. It has 4 numbers of ARM Cortex-A53 with a maximum frequency of 2 GHz. If we look for results in synthetic tests, we see that equal to the ROM and the Redmi 6A drive with Helio A22 receive more than 55,000 points in AnTuTu, compared with more than 43,000 points achieved by Redmi 4A with Snapdragon 425. power that's a pretty remarkable differenceand even more, if we take into account that Redmi GO has even lower hardware with a smaller version of Android.

Open the debate, we are waiting to try first-hand Redmi GO, the terminal, which, despite its limitations, is considered as an interesting alternative to complete the Xiaomi catalog. We repeat At first glance, it still seems to us that this time Xiaomi is not offering a rather striking value for money, because of the rare equipment that this Redmi GO has. However, we will give you a final impression of the relevant tests, which we hope will change our first opinion about this budget alternative.

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