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Why Gallardo changed his plans to visit Godoy Cruz

Marcelo Gallardo looked through the images from the laptop in Monumental's full wardrobe and no longer needed proof. The river technician has finished confirming that the fall in front of patronato happened due to unintentional errors product of naivety and inattention and decided to change. I was thinking about returning the alternative team against Godai Cruz today, but his competitive spirit is what makes him not want to lose even the golf matches he shares on Fridays with Rodolfo D Onofrio, Enzo Francescoli and Matthias Patanian . He pushed him to change the original plan.
In Mendoza, he will give the team that he has, mainly because he wants to end the band of three consecutive falls in the Super League – the thread that bothers him.

doll he also knows that his team’s error has been significantly reduced to qualify for the edition of the Libertadores Cup 2020 through the Super League. In addition to the champion, the first four will receive a ticket, and today River is in the twelfth position and nine points behind Veles, who is fifth with two more games played and who will visit next Sunday in a key clash for this purpose.

Failed passages Camilo Mayada and of Bruno Zukulini It took the River badly, added to the advantages that gave in the defensive part of the youth Kevin SybilRiver dispensed with a lack of two goals in the first half against the Patronato. The naivete is paid dearly in Argentine football, and River brought it down with a fall, which was added to those who suffered, including in Monumental, before Defense, Justice and the Union.

Gallardo’s disappointment was associated with the result, as well as with the disappointment caused by the fact that the collective and individual responses were far from what he had expected. doll he believed that a team with most regular replacements would have greater freshness than that of the holdersThat before the Defense and the Union there was neither the energy nor the creative clarity necessary to overcome the teams that go to Monumental to play the game of their life.

Being dissatisfied with the actions of most conventional substitutes, Gallardo decided to change to appear before the meeting, which implies a demanding meeting with Goda Cruise. Mendoza’s team will also recover from a fall in Malvinas Argentinas vs Lanús.

River is waiting for a series of challenging matches tonight: on Sunday he will have to go to the Liners to visit tinted Veles, then he will be local against the Racing sign, and later he will meet with Central in Rosario in the upcoming 2018 collision.

The Super League was uncomfortable, and Gallardo knowsto such an extent that stumbling in front of the Patronato drastically changed planning.

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