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Wholesale dollar jumped 55 cents and approached the zone of non-interference

The average purchase price today was $ 37,132, and the maximum purchase price was $ 37.14.

AT retail segment currency rises to 46 cents $ 38.61 in banks and agencies of the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average value of dominio.com.

Informal area, in turn, blueIt works stably $ 38.25According to a survey of this carrier in the caves of the center of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, on Friday, “contact conley” gave 47 cents to $ 37.01.

In addition, the Central Bank has placed Liquidity lyrics (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;) for 150,000 million dollars at an average low rate of 55.639% per year for up to seven days (on Monday it closed at 56.314%). The maximum estimated rate was 55.949%. being the lowest estimated 54.978%.

It should be remembered that the wholesale dollar started yesterday in the last week of January from a rise of 12 cents. This happened despite the fact that the monetary authority bought another $ 50 million. The USA during the day is the maximum limit that was imposed on itself per day in order to prevent exchange rate lag.

The average purchase price was 37,125 dollars, the maximum – 37.13 dollars. Thus, so far this month, the BCRA accumulates purchases of foreign currency in the wholesale market for 440 million US dollars.

Rise in wholesale segment This was in line with the retailer, where the dollar rose 12 cents on Monday.

In the meantime, this week the market will be ready for trade negotiations between the United States and China and the next policy decision of the Federal Reserve System (Fed).

Other markets

Call money dropped on Tuesday about 700 basis points, 45% per year average one-day (on Monday he worked an average of 53% per year) in a market that adjusts to liquidity in accordance with recent trading in accounts issued by the Treasury and the BCRA

“Due to the overweight of applications, the rate for money on calls drops significantly”said the bank operator.

In the same time, Central bank reserves on Monday, they increased by $ 14 million to $ 66.427 million.

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