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While on vacation until the end of the year, Makri increased his salary

As reported Nation, tAll salaries of about 300 ministers, secretaries and deputy secretaries will be increased by 20% in January and by 5% in February. correspond to the increase that the rest of the state employees had.

In Casa Rosada, it took several days to once again allow the increase in salaries of ministers, secretaries and deputy secretaries, who have been intact for a year now.

“Freezing wages was just a gesture. This is something more than 300 people, and this is not a factor that changes the amount of public spending ", justified official.

The head of state used an electronic signature that allows him to sign resolutions while relaxing with his family in the Patagonian country Cumelen.

The government announced in January 2018 that the highest state administration would not receive a larger increase as austerity during the year, which is expected to be difficult to reconcile with trade unions.

Despite the freezing of his salary, according to public data published by the government, Makri increased in the first half of 2018.

In January, the presidential salary was $ 208,207 gross. In March, the figure was $ 210,242, and in May – $ 214,444. An increase of 3%.

With appropriate discounts, then, Makri took about 130,000 dollars from his hands. The biggest deduction was taken with income tax.

The salary of Vice President Gabriela Michetti began this year at $ 192,783 gross, while in May the latest update of official information amounted to $ 198,559.

Meanwhile, the ministers began the year with $ 183,500 (without discounts). According to the site of open data of the state, Exceptions are Chancellor Jorge Fori (who receives $ 350,000 as staff of the nation’s diplomatic service) and defense owner Oscar Aguad (who receives a bonus for eradicating).

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