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What is orthomolecular medicine?

Linus Pauling (the radiant psyche of the twentieth century) coined the term “orthomolecular medicine” in the nineteen sixty-eighth year in the Herald of Science. It is a therapy that emphasizes the use of natural substances, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber and short chain intestinal fatty acids (SCFA), for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

People get old or sick for various reasons. Among them are sun, tobacco, stress, poor nutrition, hormonal and / or genetic situations that cause excessive cell wear. That is, "we are intoxicated," changing the chemical composition of our body, which causes the destruction of cells (disease or aging of cells).

How are you?

A conventional medicine works in the environment (sewer pipes are built, drinking water is provided, etc., and for illness) (doctors indicate “anti” biotics, “anti” inflammatory, “anti” hypertonic drugs, etc. That is, a conventional medicine He acts against or against the disease.

On the contrary, orthomolecular therapy acts to stimulate the personal potential of each person to live life to the limit of quality. It looks like a highly effective workout, but not a sport, but rather his life.

The procedure works progressively, respectfully and naturally in 4 areas of the patient:

Physical exercises (movement as a regulator of "brain and body chemistry").

-Nourishment (through rearrangement in food: remember that according to the Hellenes, “the first pharmacy is the kitchen”).

-Technology to control the burden.

Orthomolecular preparations, which are regenerative, true and powerful cellular nutrients based on peptides, enzymes and trace elements that can restore function and completely restore the body.


WHO not only recognizes it as a medical system that is capable, effective and logical for prevention, but also for the treatment of diseases, to improve well-being and quality of life in healthy people or patients with diabetes, overweight, cardiovascular disorders, autoimmune, neurological diseases psychosomatic, osteoarticular, renal, aesthetic disorders, etc.

This class of medicine has no contraindications if they do not contain synthetic elements, hormones and do not cause side effects in known and used doses. This can be done in adults and children. This is undoubtedly a safe and reliable medical system.

Orthomolecular medicine has many advantages, including: deep cleansing of the body, usually increasing vitality, flexibility and cleansing of the arteries, enhancing the immune system (protection), stimulating the brain (attention, concentration and memory), It helps prevent diseases and is an aid in treatment of established diseases.

Tips to get started

To accompany medicine and achieve a better quality of life, I always recommend:

– Conduct a full and annual clinical examination (if possible, as directed by a specialist in anti-aging care, if more detailed).

-Care care by reducing the amount of flour and refined sugar, increasing the number of fruits and vegetables, as well as increasing the consumption of sea fish (proteins of high biological value).

-Make physical activity.

-Reduce alcohol and tobacco as much as possible.

– Always and under any circumstances, use sun protection factors to care for the skin from exposure to the sun at any time of the year.

– Drink eight to ten cups of water per day and keep your attitude to life. Good tip: Protest the emotions of gratitude when you can.

Anti-aging medicine is a homonym to quality of life. To get a better version of yourself. It is never too late or too early to choose to have an extraordinary quality of life and achieve a better version of yourself.

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