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What happened to the intimate filming of Nair Galarza, the most wanted sex video in Argentina

June 11 Nahir Galarza was furious in the courtroom of Gualeguaychu chaired by Judge Mauricio Derudi, who is responsible for his assessment, and then sentence her to life imprisonment for killing bullets with nine millimeters of her father a cop her boyfriend Fernando PastoritstsoI said, shortly after the hearing, to prosecutor Sergio Rondoni Caffe, that if they show This Video He would commit suicide. “They humiliated me, they rotted me”he shouted.

They already showed her other videos from Pastorizzo that day II hope that the analysts of the prosecutor’s office of Entre Ríos and the gendarmerie check your iPhone 6 with over 140 thousand messages between it and its future victimThere was a shoot of something tender, also intimate, where Pastoritstso I massaged her legs, I gave her a little dance, covered with a towel.

But the problem was This Video, found in a Motorola device that belonged to Pastorizzoextracted from your computer by the cloud. Two and a half minute file Nahir and Pastoritstso in the chair of his house. This Video and no more than that.

Juan Carlos PeragalloThe plaintiff in the case of Gustavo Pastorizzo, Fernando’s father, was the one who found the video and He asked to be shown in court.

It was movement to destroy the defensive strategy in charge of the lawyers Horacio Dargines and José Ostolas, who indicated that Nahir and Fernando were not even a couple, remove link picture What would guarantee a law student an eternity if the Penal Code is aggravated? Or was it a play for the torment of a 19-year-old woman demonstrating her sexualitypush to break it?

Peragallo may have wanted to prove his point: I knew that the video would take place in Galarza’s house, in broad daylightThat his existence could grind the history of protection. prosecutors They knew about his existence even before the audience: Behran and Rondoni Kaff saw him about three weeks before his hearing. after Peragallo discovered this. However, they decided not to ask about its projection. Hugging and caressing videos on the iPhone were enough to accredit the deterioration of communication, Motorola's sex scene wasn’t evidence of weight, it’s not in the calculations of prosecutorsNahir acknowledged sexual contact in his statements.

If I said that, Why show it?

The video was never shown in the courtroom, Only small screenshots were seen on the screen from the projector. At that moment, Nahir was furious and entered the room to reprimand Rondoni Kaffe, who did not even ask to be shown the film. Carlos Riera, newspaper journalist Day Gualeguaychu, He was present and reported on the reaction.

And Argentina knew that. This Video existed. No one had this, but everyone wanted to see it.

Searches in, One of the most popular platforms on the planet porn, forced creating a label among national trends. Logically, this video was not there, there were other fake ones that bore the name Nahir, a girl in a jumper who was not Nagir, about another boy, group sex in the dark that was accumulating Only 100 thousand views for June 19, a little.

July 4 Nahir was convicted by the court. That night in Gualeguaychu, someone boasted that he had a video canchereaba in the lobby of the hotel in town Entre Ríos with "pasarlo". But no one wanted to receive it, they dodged offers, it was a poisoned place.

The next day, shortly after noon, the video was already distributed. And it was a sensation. Unhealthy, twisted furor The porn part is not filtered by Jilted's former boyfriend, but is filtered from the judicial record in court for one of the most serious crimes in the Argentinean criminal code.

Today, Nahir Galarza's intimate video is still online on the main XXX video platforms the planets. It has been uploaded. 17 different users of one of these sites, more than 490 thousand views until noon Friday the 28th, almost a year after the murder of Pastoritstso. On another of the platforms XXX accumulates 1.1 million views. The amount of traffic becomes much more ironic when you consider that false videos that in the title they have Nahir with scenes of penetrations that tripled that number. file virusization with whatsapp in groups, men become incalculable.

Florencia Zerda, lawyer, member of the Feminist Lawyers Networkindicates: “I think that talking about the“ appearance ”of an intimate video removes the responsibility of the person who broadcasts it, gives us the feeling that it appeared by magic, but it is not. Inconsistent distribution of intimate materials is a form of digital violence and is responsible, it must be achieved, this is not a crime yet, although there is a project with half sanctions. in the senate, but there are criminal or illegal types that can be applied in each case, without prejudice to civil lawsuits. "

Zerda continues her analysis: “In this particular case, the vile design of the media, which was made from Galarza feed a painful thing that still goes on about everything she does or does not do. She is presented as an object of consumption, young, middle class, blonde, thin, bad, therefore she is intensively looking for a video. inconsistent distribution of intimate material left many victims in peace countless suicideslike the one that Nahir announced he would do if the video was broadcast. This is not a consistent distribution of intimate material. within the framework of the case, this speaks of the irresponsibility of the operators of justice or parties with access to the file. The mashino of society is reproduced in different areas, women, as objects of consumption, are in the file or, unfortunately, in any other area. "

Jorge MonasteriAlso a lawyer, a specialist in digital matters related to criminal law. Filtration of video from a file, perhaps through one of the parties, worries him punctually. "Would obtain testimony and ask the judge to investigate the leak. Entries are intended for parties, not for the public. And Article 53 of the Civil Code is clear. "

There is a procedure to ask sites to unsubscribe from the material. "Be close"According to the lawyer, "similar to search engines such as Google." If they do not cancel, the reason for damages will be filed. another measure for indexing a person's name from sites with videos. "

A source linked to Naira’s legal strategy ensures that lawyer Dargainz This year, at some point, made a presentation to remove video from networksMarcelo Galarza and Nahir confirm the same from the correctional institution of women No. 6 in the city of Paraná. “He is waiting for a decision, now comes the fair and everything stops”According to a source who refuses to indicate where the presentation was made.

the same oral court that sentenced her to life imprisonment He took another step. Immediately after the video exploded on porn sites, the judges ordered criminal investigation and other administrative investigation determine who made a copy of the filming and merged it. The route is simple: the video was obtained from the Google Drive of the victim, and a copy on a pendrive or DVD would never have been made. So the question is for the judges who accessed the Pastorizzo cloud and retrieved the information.

So far, according to judicial sources in Entre Ríos, The criminal investigation did not give positive results.

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