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What does Argentina need to qualify for the second round of the Women's World Cup?

Despite being defeated by England, Argentinean team retains its untouched opportunity to promote the tour around the world playing in FranceThe result obtained in the next and final match of the zone against Scotland, next Wednesday at 16 o'clock (Argentine time), will be crucial for the selection to the World Cup dropout stages.

The goal for which the team of Carlos Borrello will strive – to win third place and wait for other results to dream of classification. The 16 best selections in the group stage will continue to play in the next instance of the tournament. The first two teams of each zone will pass in a round, and the four best third teams will be added to it.

After a no-draw draw against Japan and a minimum margin against the British side, Argentina adds 1 point and has -1 differencel, therefore, he is in the third position of Group D, in which England is already classified (6 units) and Japan (4) in the second position. On the last day of the zone, Europeans and Asians will clash at the stadium in Nice. At the same time, the women's team will play against the Scots in Paris.

When it is still necessary to play the date of 2 groups E and F (they will play this Saturday and Sunday) if Argentina defeats Scotland, she will have many chances to pass the round as one of the selected, which is promoted as the best third, In case the English team is superior to the Japanese, and the girls led by Borrello do the same, we need to see the difference in goals in both games to find out The selection may tend to the second position in the zone.,

The scenario would be completely different if Argentina could only draw with Scotland because it would add 2 points, fewer than six teams added today. In this way, I wouldn't go through the round,

Up to this day, France for Group A, Germany for B, Italy for C and England – four teams that confirmed their transition to Round 16, This Saturday in zone E they will play with the Netherlands against Cameroon and Canada against New Zealand. In case the Dutch and Canadians win, they will also be in the next round. The same thing happens with two other teams from Group F who won in their first matches: this Sunday. The United States (3 points) will play against Chile (0), and Sweden (3) will play against Thailand (0).

Which teams could claim one of these four places as the best third? Nigeria has 3 points in zone A, but will play the last match against France, one of the candidates for the title. For group B Spain and China add 3 units and stand on the defining date. If one of the two remains with a victory, it will help the Argentina national team if it wins its first victory in the history of the world championships.

Besides, Australian and Brazilian they score 3 points for zone C. In the defining party of the group, South Americans will be against Italy, while oceanic will do the same against Jamaica, one of the weakest ones chosen in the competition.

Argentina makes history at the World Cup in France. He managed to add his first point in his third participation in the World Cup, and now he has a chance to continue to dream and pass the round on French soil.

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