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Warning of severe storms in the north of Cordoba

After an early morning with heavy rains in different parts of the province, the National Meteorological Service issued a warning about strong storms north of Cordoba.

  • Special channel: weather in Cordoba and the country
  • A warning. This is for strong storms for the north of Cordoba. Strong storms are expected, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, hail, strong electrical activity and abundant water fall in short periods.

At the same time, the warning by heavy storms with intense rains that ruled for the central region of the province ceased.

A maximum of 32 degrees is expected this Wednesday.

As a result of intense precipitation, the rivers grew and cut fords in the inner part of Cordoba. Meanwhile, part of the avenue Kostanera in the capital remained cut off.

  • North Quay. The cut affects the bridges of Avellaneda, Santa Fe, Sarmiento and September 24th.
  • South Quay. Courts on the bridges of Avellaneda and Santa Fe.

Without evacuees

From the municipal emergency of the municipality, they indicated that in the capital city of Cordoba there were no services for the affected houses.

Meanwhile, the rains again caused problems in some areas, such as Los Calabrezes, between Los Latinos and La Voz del Inter, where the neighbors again suffered from road wear.

Such was Calle de los Calabrezes (Gentlemens Isabel Karabahal).


  • Thursday. The temperature is between 20 and 33 degrees, with precipitation.
  • Friday. The minimum will be 19 degrees, and a maximum of 26. Isolated storms.
  • Saturday. Rainfall during the day. They declare a minimum of 18 degrees and a maximum of 22.

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