Friday , November 15 2019
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Warning of intense storms prevails in the south of Cordoba

According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), warning of heavy storms extends to the southern part of Cordoba and other provinces.

The measure is applied to the center in the west and north-west of the province of Buenos Aires, south of Cordoba, La Pampa and south of San Luis.

From today it is expected that rains and storms will develop in the coverage area.

“Some of them are expected to be strong with intense electrical activity, strong gusts of wind, random hail falling and abundant water fall in short periods,” said the SMN, adding that the report will be updated at 16 o'clock

Short term notice

On the other hand, there is a short notice (within three hours) of severe storms with torrential rains in General Roca and Rio Cuarto.

Forecast in the capital

For this Friday, the forecast indicates hot and humid weather, with variable cloudiness and light and moderate wind from the northeast with a maximum temperature of 33 degrees, the Observatory informs. twitter,

On Saturday it is expected to be 36 degrees, on Sunday 28; and on Monday, 29, according to the SMN.

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