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Unusual reason why Maradona and Rocio split up, according to Oliva

Finally, the mother of the sheep was known or the essence of the matter, as one could say: creating a heart, Rocio Oliva spoke with great detail, without hair in the tongue or interference, about the reasons for his separation from Diego Armando Maradona.

According to the football player, the Libertadores Cup final was decisive for the end of love, which has already run through the gaps left by every fight, every discussion, every yes and no.

Due to strong football antagonism, from the very beginning of the Horadab couple (she is a fanatical “millionaire”, he “revives” the heart), the marriage ended up hatching on that cold, but starry night in Madrid.

It was December 9, 2018, and River and Boca reached a climax to resolve, for the first time, one against the other, the Latin American football conflict, which at the same time is one of the most important sporting battles on Earth.

Diego and Rosio together arrived at the stadium, but could not agree to see one next to the other, this fury of the titans, this storm of adrenaline. Both arrived together in the Bernabeu, but they failed to agree neither in the shout of the goal, nor in the final outpouring.

“We’re already a little upset, and this is what, as I said, made me say:“ we’re almost out of Big Brother’s house, ”said Oliva in an interview with La Página Millonaria.

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