Saturday , January 23 2021

To prevent skin cancer, a dermatologist prepares rapid tests.

Skin cancer is the most common variant of the disease, because over the past 30 years, more people have developed this pathology, which, if detected earlier, can be effectively treated. This is evidenced by a study conducted by the Argentine Society of Dermatology, which, together with the Corrientes Dispensary Center, encourages people to participate in free tests that are part of a traditional preventive campaign.
In the province, the Dermatological Dispensary (located in La Rioja 1491) will offer free and express assistance from tomorrow, November 20 until Friday, September 23.
“Like every year we join the National Campaign for the Prevention of Skin Cancer, so from Tuesday a specialized team will conduct polo checks on patients who come, that is, should not request the previous shift,” he explained. El Litoral, Director of the Dermatological Dispensary, Maria Gladys Dalurzo.
The health care initiative includes the promotion of preventive techniques, the monitoring of suspicious lesions and the advancement of early detection of skin cancer so that people can access treatment.
In the same line, Dr. Dalurzo said: “When we talk about prevention, we recommend using sun protection for all ages; avoid the sun from 10 to 16; and something is very important, because every year we carry out annual inspections of other diseases, inspections should be carried out on moles and the skin in general. " In this last point, they emphasize that it is very important to “self-analyze” periodically in order to know the skin and be able to detect new spots or that have been modified in order to be able to have an early consultation with a dermatologist.
This means that in addition to providing dermatological care for early detection, they seek to raise awareness about prevention and basic care.

“Take care of your skin, it’s the only thing you have,” is the motto of the 2018 National Cancer Campaign. Although patients voluntarily approach free testing, dermatologists fill out files that later serve as statistical data and analysis.
The Argentine Society of Dermatology has released some of the details of last year’s campaign. For example, they showed that the lack of sun protection measures is a problem of all ages, but women and the elderly pay more attention. Of the population of 8 thousand. Patients, 23% of the campaign participants were injured, and 4.4% had skin cancer (318 cases).
To close, they cause participation in actions for the possible early detection of pathology and at the same time provide basic skin care.
The Dermatology Center, Salas San José, CIM and CMI (Corrientes) and the Goya private medical practice will take part in the National Campaign in Corrientes.

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