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Thus, it was a hard transition between Flora Vigna and Laurita Fernandez, which will be shown tomorrow in “Dances”: the word of the former “Fight”,

After so much perseverance on the part of Marcelo Tinelli, Flower vigna reappeared on the ShowMatch track. The actress went to support Facundo Mazzey and Maria del Cerro, who replaced her in Dancing 2018 when he had to leave due to various work commitments.

The program was recorded on Wednesday, and the images will be visible on Friday night. According to Angel de Brito, Angels of the morning, the actress and the jury of the competition held an intense cross, which comes from a scandal that was generated by a photograph in which “Flower in Bed” was published with Nikolos Cabre My brother is a clone.

“There was no sensation on the field for a long time, obviously, because of the theme of the photograph, the novel, Cabra and everything we talked about,” he said, adding:Flor faced Laurita, and there is a clear winner. He was tense, tense. I have not seen Laura so uncomfortable for a while. I saw Flora more relaxed than ever, the wave of Fandinho.

“Are you saying that Flore Vigna is going to destroy a pair of Laurites and Cabre?”Asked Evelyn von Brock. “If this novel is destroyed, for me it destroys itself, I see Laura with Cabra. Obviously, I asked Flora Vigna everything, and she did not attack Laurita, she only said what had happened to her,” the driver sentenced.

Then he told that Flor with those present in Showmatch: “With Flor, we talked about photography of the bed, the car, the dressing room, and when I asked him how he got along with Cabra, the answer was brief,”he warned. “Then they put everything apart from Florencia Peña, who covered her mouth with what I put off from the photo!”

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Cabre's long-standing relationship with Flora

De Brito also talked about the zero relationship that they decided to leave Cabra and Flore in a scandal in the photo: "In recent days, Flor Vigna wept because Nicholas Cabra did not want to talk to her about this topic." She wanted to scream the waters before ShowmatchIn fact, when he left the competition, he was going to return to the last gala, but I don’t think it will happen. ”

She then explained that Cabra "does not want to have contact with her outside of work." Flora had tears on this issue. “Flor feels that someone has put a line up so that she gets along with Cabra, there are no elements to suggest that they had something,” de Brie said.

Word Flora Television Show

After crossing with Laurita Fernandez, television show He contacted the actress to talk about her version of events. “I found out that this whole throw knows, and it happened, I never went to Cabra’s dressing room and less on the car, I never had any relationship other than work, and I was very good with my boyfriend 4 years ago,” assured the actress who asked for permission to leave before the rehearsals One week nothing more, the work that will be carried out in the summer in Buenos Aires with Niko Vazquez and Benjamin Rojas.

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