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Three out of 10 executives disconnected from work

This is a long-awaited ascent. Climb to the top of the organizational structure of the company. More benefits, better salary, perhaps more vacations … but also more responsibilities and more difficulty to get away from work, even in moments of rest. Imagine yourself on a Caribbean beach, all inclusiveeverything is fine … but unable to pick up the phone and check mail from time to time for work. Crazy as it may sound, this is a much more frequent scenario than you think.

The survey, in which the leaders of companies from different areas acted as the main actors, showed that only three out of 10 people in these positions could turn off during the holidays. The study was conducted by Adecco Argentina, a subsidiary of a comprehensive consultancy company in the field of human resources, for work during the summer and holidays.

Days of rest

In addition to these indicative data, the company conducted a deeper analysis of the opinions of managers about their vacations. Almost eight out of ten said they agreed on how many days he should rest. In addition, if necessary, 73% of them may take more days than provided by law.

However, when he was asked if they had enough time to rest to relax and rejuvenate, the answers were even equal: 53% of managers admit that they do it, and 47% say that they are not enough.

Can you relax and disconnect from work? Only three out of 10 managers responded that they were achieving this goal. 35% keep the phone and mail open for anything, and 32% are only available in an emergency.

As for the previous question, when you ask them whether they answer calls and emails during a work break, they answer only 13%. 87% answered that they answer phone calls only in the most urgent cases when their opinion or decision is required.

Only 24% of management positions believe that their absence affects the functionality of the company, because it is the only person who can perform certain functions. And, responding in the opposite way, 76% are not considered necessary, as this leaves your team’s staff ready to cover all needs.

80% of managers said they did not monitor their employees during the holidays. After consulting with them, if they plan their days of rest in advance, so that everything remains in order during their absence, 51% say yes, but it depends on the year. Another 32% answered that they plan in such a way that the holidays are always at the same time and, thus, favored the organization. Only 16% use opportunities such as cheap flights, packages and promotions.

Summer job: is the load increasing or decreasing? 59% of managers admit that the load decreases during vacation. However, for 30% there is no change compared with the rest of the year, and 10% say that, on the contrary, it increases the work on these dates.

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