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“This is a new challenge and a new home”

Rosario Central held an official presentation of its new reinforcement: Fabin Rinaudo At the press conference, midfielder from Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata spoke live to all the people of Canalla along with the head of the institution, Mauro Cetto. “Thanks to the president, and Chetto Central went to look for me in several markets of the countries, and I am grateful. This is a new challenge, a new home and we hope to be at the height of all Central "He expressed a football player.

The decision to leave the Plates Club was very difficult and even Triperos created the hashtag in which #FitoNoSeVa was placed clarifying the love they have for him, as a phyto for the Wolf. Knowing the poor economic situation of the club, Rinaudo decided to put his shirt off to help the institution. "The club must sell, and I need to put the body more than ever", stated a few days ago.

Now the reality is different, and your mind is completely immersed in a new challenge. “It was a pending account to play Copa Libertadores. Being the protagonists is a challenge on a personal and group level. I come to this, I hope to contribute to everything that plays. I will always give 100%. " He added: “I am very happy for the translation. The sharp interest of the Central is the determining and important factor. "

He then referred to his past at the Institute of Rosario, in which he made the lower divisions: “I had to part with a very small boy from club subordinates and I never imagined that you could play first, and then play Central. My whole family is very close and there are a lot of friends in the city, nothing special, but everything is for personal reasons. " Also emphasize what it means to play on a court, such as Central, where your audience is very passionate: "This club has the weight of the game in this stadium with all its people."

Rosario Central arrives to get the Argentine Cup title to win the final for his former team: gymnastics. “For the management, for the coach and, of course, for the players it is important to get Copa Argentina. For me, this is not the same thing – to get into a team that has become a champion than go to another with such pressure."said the 31-year-old football player. "I'm going to play in any position that a technician wants."

Finally, he spoke about his recent departure from the Wolf and his arrival in Canalla: “I leave life behind in this world, and now I begin in anotherWe hope to learn all this and that it will be very joyful. ”“ This time there were many situations, this does not mean that I didn’t want to come before. The gymnastics situation pushed it a little more, I thank the management because the decision was agreed and the proposal tempted me".

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