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They recognize that breast prostheses can have "rare and serious side effects" that deserve further study.

The International Confederation of Societies of Plastic Surgery (ICOPLAST), which unites 60 countries (including the United States, Canada and Australia), made a statement at the global level, in which she claims that "breast implants are generally considered safe, although they can have rare and serious side effects ",

According to an international organization based in the Netherlands, “the most common problems associated with breast implants are: Capsular contracture, displacement and rupture of the implant ",

The statement says that “side effects have been studied extensively, especially in autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis and a rare form of lymphatic cancer, BIA-ALCL ",

As for the latter –Anaplastic large cell lymphoma associated with breast implants explains that it usually represents “rapid breast augmentation due to fluid around the implant (called“late seroma). It is diagnosed by examining cells in this fluid and, in general, it can be treated with surgery and, if indicated, with specific oncological methods of treatment ",

The statement was distributed worldwide in the context of the consequences of the investigation. Implantsheaded by the International Investigative Journalism Consortium (ICJI), of which 58 are from the world’s media, including Infobae, Nation and profilefor Argentina.

In this work, which was published since last Sunday in 36 countries, Weaknesses in health control in different countries regarding implant safety and medical devices which are used in patients insufficient clinical trials before the launch of new models on the market, and hiding the number of adverse effects.

This text has been officially reproduced in our country. Argentine Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (SACPER), and spread today among surgeons of our country.

Counseling Infobae, Jorge Pedro, plastic surgeon of the Hospital de Klinikas and secretary for relations with SACPER, explained that this type of lymphoma "It has a low frequency, but exists"Each type of implant in the body produces inflammatory tissue similar to the reactionIn the case of breast prostheses, it is formed around a silicone capsule. Some of these lymphatic cells can be malignant and may be carcinogenic. In most cases, he has healing. ”

He also stated that “there are about 500 cases worldwide in which approximately 15 million breast prostheses were placed,” and that “the official report is being transferred by Australia and the United States.”

Breast Implant Records

In a statement, ICOPLAST adds that “autoimmune diseases (such as Sjögren syndrome, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis) have also been investigated for breast implants. These symptoms were called ASIA syndrome or breast implant disease (BII) ",

However, in the opinion of the international entity, “there is no convincing evidence of a causal relationship, and More research is needed to evaluate any potential link between autoimmune / inflammatory syndrome caused by adjuvants (ASIA syndrome) and breast implants ",

In this sense, ICOPLAST warns that "more funds are needed to support BIA-ALCL and ASIA syndrome research " So what "data collection through effective national registries of chest devices is an integral part of this study ",

In this regard, the international organization stresses that these registries of chest devices, "in combination with international cooperation, have the opportunity to significantly improve the results for the health of patients with implanted chest cells around the world."

ICOPLAST emphasizes that the “Australian Breast Device Registry (ABDR) is a model for such national registries,” which collects anonymous information about patients with breast implants. “Simplifying the international comparison of the results of these registries within the framework of the international legal framework for the protection of privacy International Breast Registration Cooperation (ICOBRA), a joint network of national societies of plastic surgery, breast surgery societies, regulators and researchers ",

Similarly, ICOPLAST stresses thatWomen with these side effects should be taken seriously, maintained and examined. BIA-ALCL is rare and, as a rule, easily treatable ",

Pedro assured when InfobaeThat "all this information is provided to the patient in reasonable consent." And although she admitted that "today there is no direct connection with cancer or autoimmune diseases, this cannot be completely excluded in the future ", so "subject is still being studied".

Breast prostheses, "like any implant in the body, have a useful life and can cause problems, they are encapsulated or can break." Statistics say that 1 out of 10 can have this, so we have a patient sign that every 10 years they have to change them, ”added this plastic surgeon with 30 years of experience.

The ICOPLAST statement recommends women who want a breast implantation operation,make sure you are fully aware of reliable sources"and he invites them to “register the implantation and operation in a national database”.

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