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They found six new dengue cases.

Salta (Redaccin) Authorities of the Hospital San Vicente de Pal in the city Orn confirmed that six people are being treated for infection dengue feverIn addition, they added that they are conducting research for a seventh person, since it presents the symptoms associated with the disease. This group of infected people is added to the three cases reported in the city of Tartagal.

In this regard, the deputy head of the Moiss Yarade Medical Center confirmed that the “cases of this disease are“ two women and four men, of all ages, living next door on February 20 ”, reporting“ about a suspected case ”. This is from residential area 402. "In a statement to FM 92.3, a professional indicated that only one of the women remains hospitalized, while the rest are undergoing outpatient treatment.

On the other hand, the doctor said that only two of the six confirmed pictures would be local. In addition, he said that on the basis of this evidence, a number of procedures were ordered for the implementation of the blockade in the sectors of the city where these conditions were developed. He also noted that infected people carry the same strain as in other years.

Meanwhile, Yarade has ratified that dengue fever does not represent "a local problem, but crosses the entire country." In this sense, the doctor said that "there are three positive cases in the capital, ten in the border town of Bermejo, in Litoral, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires." In the same way, he recommended that "we should have not fear, but knowledge, and should consult immediately before the first symptom of a fever."

On the other hand, the municipality of Orn decided to strengthen the informational and preventive campaign against dengue, zika and chikungunya. First, they were responsible for the dissemination of the communiqué, which warned of the risks of infection of people who are forced to go to Bolivia. Meanwhile, the Center for Tropical Diseases deployed a border blockade in the city of Aguas Blancas.

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