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They create a machine that can translate thoughts into words

January 29, 2019

In the United States, they developed a device that is able to reconstruct words that a person hears and transmit them when reading brain activity.

They create a machine that can translate thoughts into words

The creation was done by neural engineers. Columbia university, The novelty lies in the fact that the system is able to read the thoughts and immediately transform them into oral language.

Technology managed to reconstruct the words that a person hears, and express them through a robotic voice, tracking brain activity.

Achievement has been published in the famous magazine "Scientific reports" and generates that they begin to carry out communication processes for those who cannot speak, such as those who suffer from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)and also to future devices that would allow to communicate directly with computers through thinking.

“Our voice allows us to communicate with friends, family and the rest of the world. Therefore, losing it due to illness or injury is so devastating. In this study, we present a potential way to restore this power. We showed that with the right technology the thoughts of these people can be deciphered and understood anyone who hearsexplained the study director Nima Mesgarani,

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In addition, the professional added: "We asked patients with epilepsy who already had brain surgery to listen to sentences pronounced by different people, while we measured the patterns of brain activity",

The working group plans to test the future with the most difficult words and phrases. and even wants your system to be part of an implant, similar to those used with some epilepsy patients, who translate the user's thoughts directly into words.

"It will give a person who has lost the ability to speak, be it a trauma or a disease, new opportunity to connect with the world"– concluded the woman.

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