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these are two functions that will avoid sending messages by mistake

The most used messaging system in Argentina, WhatsApp, is preparing a new update with two interesting modifications.

Since Mark Zuckerberg acquired Whatsapp, the most frequently used messaging application, has been subject to constant changes to improve user experience.

Currently, developers are working on a new update to add two confirmation copies before sending some messages, for avoid mistakes in gears.

This new feature will allow WhatsApp users who want to share content from another site or social network to several people at the same time, find two previous instances. First, a preview of what should be sent appears, and then the message must be confirmed.

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At the moment, these functions are available only to those who registered as WhatsApp testers and downloaded this beta version for the operating system. Android,

WABetainfo announced that after the tests and results are completed by users testing the application, a corresponding update will be released for both Android as for iOS,

With these changes who will introduce a company owned by Facebook, will try to reduce the number of mass messages sent by mistake.

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