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Thelma Fardeen promotes a shirt with the inscription "See how we wear"

The actress has put the body into a brand campaign that will donate all the revenue to low-income women.

A phrase that sums up a video denounced by Thelma Fardeen Juan Dartes for rape It will be used for joint and several purposes. The brand has created a shirt that carries this slogan in the role of the protagonist, while the actress herself puts on an advertising shoulder.

Emme Vazquez is responsible for the design of the feminist capsule, which decided to “honor” Fardin with a piece inspired by her painful history. Brand explained that the proceeds from the sale of items that they call tunics, is destined to create fund for "women in vulnerable situations" without material resources to express your voice. "

Already appearance

Transparent floor tunic and Seems to have a beach style. In this context, another actress with a strong imprint on the group wore it, Laura Azcurra.

In contrast to the turmoil that arose when Ona Saez released a t-shirt with the same phrase, in this case, many noted that auspicious background in using the history of Thelma.

This was not what happened to the famous brand: the day after the conference, at which the actress first accused Juan Darth of rape, it was announced pre-sale that offered clothes for 690 pesos and many called this move "opportunistic."

As a result, She Saez retreated and decided to remove T-shirts from the catalog.

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