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The ship that was found by ARA San Juan arrived in South Africa and the judge will receive on Tuesday 67,000 submarine images

67,000 photographs of hydrographic mapping conducted around the remains of the submarine “ARA” San Juan already have a delivery date. It will be next Tuesday evening.when federal judge Kaleta Olivia, Marta Yanes, get in person the material at Ezeiza International Airport. It is expected that these pictures will find out what happened to the 44 crew members,

Ship Marine builderThe Norwegian ship, which was the main hero of the discovery at the bottom of the seabed, arrived this morning at the port of Cape Town, after more than 80 days of searching. In these early hours, experts and four relatives of the crew of the sunken submarine who participated in the voyage were received by the attache of the Argentine government in South Africa, the captain of the ship Gonzalo Hernan Prieto, and the consul in Johannesburg, Pablo Graziano,

Government officials have a logistical support mission and cooperation with the download process. 67 thousand images and video of a submarine, The registry will be under official guardianship to deliver it to Judge Yanyes on Tuesday, as officially announced.

copy of information about external drives began immediately after the pier in South AfricaThe material that collects the expedition report and Ocean Infinity reports belongs to the Argentine state and is supposed to provide key information about the destination of the submarine after its appearance at a depth of 907 meters in international waters.

The fact-finding work is responsible for the fate of Yanyes, who processes the file that is looking for determine responsibility for implosion and subsequent immersion.

For this task, the magistrate will not only have material related to the discovery, but also all bathymetry will be available collected from intelligence images of more than 22,000 square kilometers.

When tests arrive in the country, access to images will be limited. At the request of relatives, the Navy communications protocol is in effect. seeks to protect the confidentiality of this confidential information,

Material will travel via Qatar Airways flightwith a stop in the city of Doha. The suitcase will be accompanied by Captain Prieto and three naval observers (two submarine officers and a hydrograph) who were at the top of ocean infinity. But four relatives of submariners, who set about building the seabed, will also return with this contingent: Luis Tallapietra, Silvina Kravchik, Jose Luis Castillo and Fernando Argona,

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