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The reaction of Mickey Tinelli: "Stop spreading hatred and judge by …"

Cybernauts are the main critics when they comment and comment on problems in general. Celebrities are in the spotlight, so many figures do not support so many negative comments and decided to take drastic measures. One of those who joined Michaela TinelliThe daughter of the leader of Thirteen was tired and stupid.

Mica got angry and noted the new decisions that she made: “Chin, chin, I explain in this publication, I erase all kinds of negative messages and block the same people who enter them. Stop spreading hate and judge through social networks. They know me only because of what they see, I don’t know many of you, but I respect them, we need more love and pleasant things for this world, ”he wrote in his Instagram account.

But this is not all, she accompanied her publication with a photograph in which she could be seen as she enjoyed her vacation in Punta del Este. The designer chose a neighboring country to rest with his family and recuperate to cope with a busy schedule for 2019. It seems that she also took advantage of her relaxing days to reflect and take action, in this case with more than 1,600,000 subscribers in her account.

It should be remembered that she is not the only known woman who suffered from the consequences; another victim of negative criticism was Wanda NaraMeditation is one of the most famous ones that receive more negative comments, although it was more difficult for her to resolve her situation: block comments on Instagram and avoid receiving lapidary messages.

On the other hand, the summer season is a good opportunity to leave problems in the past, and some of those who took advantage of this opportunity were: Florence Pea, Pampita, Pico Mnaco, Jorge Lanata, Beto Casella, Lionel Messi and many other famous ones, They chose different directions around the world and are looking for balance in order to once again face the harsh world of spectacle.

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