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The Pity Martinez is already spending on the bill.

Yesterday, on the same day when Marcelo Gallardo and Enzo Francescoli got together to start assembling River Version 2019, the last meeting of the Board of Directors of the Nunes Club was held, at which, among other topics, a bulky figure was presented will receive "Millionaire" for the sale of Gonzalo Martinez "Atlanta United" from the United States MLS.

Although initially the American team was willing to pay a clause on the termination of participation in the “Pity” program, estimated at $ 15 million, both leaders reached an agreement, so this amount is slightly lower.

Consequently, River will receive $ 10 million in chests and may collect another $ 1,500,000 million if Martinez plays at least 10 games in the next MLS season or if the club returns to sell it in the short term.

But the color data passes through the wonderful gesture “Pity”, which refused 20%, which all players perceive in each pass to get more money on the river. If Atlanta United fulfilled the reservation, River would have to discount the player’s percentage plus 10% that belonged to the representative, Marcelo Simonian.

Many believe that American football will be small compared to the former hurricane due to its wonderful conditions, but due to the lack of a community passport, its translation to Europe was impossible.

“The truth is, I’m glad to see people enjoying, enjoying my last moment as a player on this court to say goodbye to each of them.” I was very happy here, ”said the striker midfielder during the celebration of the American Championship at Monumental last Sunday.

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