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The pain of the mother of a teenager killed by motorcycles: “It was a light for this corrupt society” – 29.12.2008

Matteo Daniel Willike was 16 years old, and on Friday evening he took a bus to drive only seven blocks, because he knew that it was dangerous to walk on foot at night. I went to the group, of which I was a part, in the ward, at the end of the year, but before that I went to look for a friend, so that I would not walk alone either. But as soon as he got off the 328, two motorcyclists killed him in the chest to rob.

“He was an excellent son, a light for this corrupt society,” he said. horn his mother, Alejandra Sanchez, is among those few words that he found among so much suffering. A few hours before he got to the post on his Facebook: "How much pain."

Matteo and Alejandra, his mother, on their last birthday.

Matteo and Alejandra, his mother, on their last birthday.

Matteo left his home in Argentina, in 900, in Loma Hermosa (Tres de Febrero), and for about 21 years he took the bus line 328 to pick up a roommate from a group of young people from our ward. Lady Luján Del Buen Viaje, who attended. On Friday, they were going to meet lay off year with church groups.

The teenager got off the bus to Avenida General Laval and Mansilla and had to walk 30 meters to the house of her friend. It took only a few steps to get there when a red 125cc motorcycle appeared out of nowhere. with two armed robbers. In seconds, Matteo was wounded in the chest and they got his wallet with his documents and mobile phone, Motorcycles fled and have not yet been identified.

With the noise of a shot, the neighbors went out to see what had happened, and found the boy on the floor, bloodied. The bus driver loaded Matteo into his personal car and took him to the General Hospital of Agudos Carlos Bocalandro, where he was unconscious. Finally, the teenager died during the operation.

Family members seek help from witnesses who help to find the criminals. They know that the boy, dressed in a white shirt, got off the bus for Matteo, but when he saw the thieves, run in the opposite directionThey want to find it in such a way as to describe the attackers to the investigators. “This is a lively zone, I would like the people who saw it to come out and declare it,” said Alejandra.

The pizza delivery man said that he had seen two people on a motorcycle, who had come to the bus stop where Matteo had gone, shot and fled. One version of the incident indicates that the victim would hand over his belongings to the attackers who, before leaving they turned around and shot him,

“In order not to go on foot, the bus was taken, he went down and grabbed it 20 meters away, and just ten meters ahead there was the girl’s house, who always looked for her so that she would not walk alone. He had such a relationshiphis mother said horn,

Matteo lived with his parents, Alejandra and Gustavo, and had an older brother and a younger one, with whom he had excellent relations. He went to college number 3 and was a fan of Chakarita Junior, like his father.

His group of friends was the same, which he shared every Saturday in Parroquia del Buen Viaje, located on Ruta 8 and in Brazil. There he participated joint activity and they organized parties and raffles to raise money for the camps. He was also going to play football together.

"There was no one better than him. He always supported and comforted those who needed it with a smile, He never had a problem with anyone. They also did not need to search, they always stayed with their group of friends. Everything is very close, – remembers Luana Martinez, a friend.

Experts who conducted the autopsy, found that the young man was killed by a projectile of 22 caliber, according to police sources. BODY,

The investigation is being conducted by the prosecutor Fabiana Ruiz, responsible for the functional training unit (UFI) No. 2 of the San Martin Court Department, and agents of the 5th station Loma Hermosa. This Saturday, they analyzed the municipality’s surveillance cameras to try to identify the thieves and determine if they had committed a criminal raid in the area.

Mobilized by the pain and anger that led to the murder of Matteo, the boy’s relatives and friends, along with the neighbors of Loma Hermos, they organize a march next Wednesday, January 2, at 7 pm

They will focus on route 8 and Avenida Lavalier, and then they “peacefully” mobilize at the 5 ° police station to demand juvenile delinquency and security in the area. Call slogan: "Matteo. For friends, family and neighbors we lost victims of insecurity ",

Teen crime the second in 48 hours in the Moscow regionThursday afternoon, two attackers killed a passenger on line 338 in Esteban Etcheverria.

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