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The hard answer of Antonio Gasalla after the delicate revelation of Carlos Persiavalle

Radio Mitra show

January 31, 2019

After the amazing and cruel revelations of the Uruguayan artist, the humorist came out to cross it. What did Perciavalle say.

Mobile program everyday with Fernando burlando, lawyer Juan Darth, ended in controversial statements Carlos PersiavalleIn the last hours, the lawyer opened his last conversation with the actor who is in Brazil.

The Uruguayan artist joined the interview and there he made several comments about the alleged state of health Antonio Gasallaafter discussion Pecoraro mess He consulted with him about the relationship between them.

“Gasalla is not in good health. As soon as I took him to Fleming’s sanatorium, he was committed to the cause, now I don’t know how he is, ”answered Persiaval, before working together again.

A strong rejection of Carlos Persiavalle for his controversial statements about Thelma Fardeen

Given this, he explicitly added: "It's about those six unclean letters.", The discussion participant did not remain silent and tried to get rid of the doubt: “We knew that he had skin cancer some time ago. We understand well, right? Antonio with cancer? "

"Yes, but it is not leather. He has cancer of his ankles and knees. It is associated with joints. Today, cancer is treatable. Not curable, but curable. In addition, Antonio has already created a divine life for being ugly, ”said the Uruguayan artist, who also took the opportunity to attack him:“ This is a terrible gift for him, but a good one. It will be the karma that concerns him in life. "

After all the participants in the show could not hide their surprise about the revelation to Persiavalje, they decided not to comment on it until they learned something from Gusallas himself. And it was Pecoraro who crossed messages with an Argentine humorist, and he would have answered: "Let Carlos Persiavalle say what he wants."

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