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The government announced a phased increase in staff, train and subway rates

The announcement was made at the Treasury's Micro-Cinema. The Minister was accompanied by the transport authorities of the city and province of Buenos Aires: Juan José Mendez, The Minister of Transport of the city, and Fernando RiavetsDeputy Minister of Transport of the province.

The team grew by 38.5%

The minimum collective trip will increase by $ 2 in January; $ 1.50 in February and $ 1.50 in March, when it reaches $ 18. For recipients of social benefits, the minimum rate increase will be 12 cents from January 12.

Trains run by 40%

The Mitra, Sarmiento and San Martin trains will raise the minimum ticket by $ 1.25 in January; $ 1.25 in February and $ 1 in March. Today, the cheapest section costs 8.75 dollars.

In January, Roca, Belgrano Sur and Urquiza will grow 75 cents; another 75 cents in February and 75 cents in March.

The minimum fare for the Belgrano Norte train will cost $ 1 more from January, which will be added 50 cents in February and 50 cents in March.

Metro has risen in price by 44.8%

The metro of the city of Buenos Aires will increase by $ 1 in February as planned, but now from April a proposal of $ 2.50 will be added, and in May another $ 2, so up to $ 21 a half of 2019. This adjustment must go through a public hearing process and then must be approved by the government of Buenos Aires.

From the Ministry, they clarified that beneficiaries of social tariff will have an increase in the minimum team rate 90 cents “If, in addition, this person makes combinations with other groups, he has RED SUBE discounts, so the increase in the second group is 45 cents, and in the third – 30 cents,” they said.

With RED SUBE, a passenger who combines one or more types of public transport pays for his second ticket with a 50% discount. Since the third trip, the discount is 75%; that is, they pay for tickets for a quarter of their cost.

In addition, they indicated from the portfolio that REDE SUBE benefits are charged along with the social tariff, which already implies a 55% discount on the ticket price for retirees and retirees, domestic staff, beneficiaries of universal appointment for Son, Pregnancy Assignment, Progress, Argentinean work, They make, Social monotributive, Non-regulatory pensions – these last 4 categories were included in 2016 – and ex-combatants of the Malvinas War.

"Today, about 3.8 million people use the social level, which has increased over the past two years by 81% and reached a total of 35 settlements across the country," they stressed.

According to transport data, currently only 40% of users in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires pay the full costwhen in 2015 90% of the trips were paid in full. However today 60% receive subsidies directly through Red Sube discounts and social benefits.,

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