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The financial bubble that burst in 2018: bitcoins fell by more than 70%

Most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies recorded moderate losses in 2018, while some made discrete profits. But the price Bitcoin experienced a real crash during the year.with loss of value over 70%from the end to the end of 2018.

This Monday, he again runs about $ 3,800, after his price exceeded $ 13,000 in January.

after the beginning of 2018 at 13,444 US dollars, the cryptocurrency downward trend has not stopped for 12 months to work in the last round of the year around 3800 USD and the price drop by 71.4% since the end of last year.

capitalization The total market value of all cryptocurrencies is currently equivalent to 130,000 million US dollars,

erosion of value cryptocurrency has affected the entire industry.

Graphics Processor Manufacturer (GPU) Nvidia According to the report, the company faced a collective claim for losses, which were reported after the collapse of the cryptocurrency market, which led to a decrease in demand for miners for GPU Cointelegraph,

After a drop in production, the stock price Nvidia lost 54% of its value and it became worst of the results of the S & P 500 Wall Street.

Besides, Bitmain, the main manufacturer of mining ASIC, plans lay off over 500 employees and put an end to your miningSince Chinese media reported that the company's CEOs are going to resign.

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