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The failure affects 10% of the country's mobile phones: which

The disadvantage affects those computers that use the operating system iOS 12 or higher and allow you to remotely listen to other people without the need for the recipient to accept it.

An important error was detected that affects the hardware. iphone who use native application Facetimevideo call system of a company that allows you to spy on other users.

Worldwide, 21.98% of iPhone users. In Argentina, 8.86% of mobile users use the iPhoneAccording to StatCounter. Of these, 76.61% updated the operating system.

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According to what is published by the Apple 9to5Mac specializing portal, if someone calls another person through FaceTime, just try to add a third person to the group chat to activate this failure: the team detects that the call has become a group, and the microphone is activated without having to accept call


In social networks this flaw has become viral – for example, the one that uploaded the user @ BmManski-, and there are several videos showing how easy it is to implement. This failure did not affect those who activated the “do not disturb” mode or did not update their operating systems.

Users in networks do not let go the fact that only this month, Apple launched an ad close to CES Technology Fairin which he refers to privacy, which FaceTime allegedly provides, in an attempt — now failed to — differentiate himself from competitors such as Google and facebook,

A few hours before the error was first revealed to the public, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, tweeted – only in context Data Privacy Day– that “the dangers are real, and the consequences are too important”, so as not to introduce “vital measures to protect privacy”. Data Privacy Day is a global event organized by the Council of Europe in 2007 to raise business and consumer awareness of the importance of protecting privacy.

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Another fact worth noting is that this flaw showed up a day before Apple’s quarterly earnings report, which, as expected, would not be positive, Cook accused of slowing down. China to reduce profits, and led the battery replacement program, exchange rate fluctuations and the termination of subsidies for new telephone operators as additional factors.

Apple recognized failure and announced that he is working on a solution that will reach the end of this week. Meanwhile, he has temporarily disabled group calls inside FaceTime.

Just in case, It is recommended to disable the messaging service., How? In the settings, find the FaceTime icon (green in the form of a video camera) and move the activation control to gray.

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