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The dollar gained the most growth for the year and approached the floor

The average purchase price amounted to 37.1322 US dollars, the maximum purchase price – 37.14 US dollars.

He tuned in with retail segment where the currency rose 45 cents $ 38.60 in banks and agencies of the city of Buenos Aires, by average,

In addition, the Central Bank has placed Liquidity lyrics (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;) for 150,000 million dollars at an average low rate of 55.639% per year for up to seven days (on Monday it closed at 56.314%). The maximum rate was 55.949%, with a minimum of 54.978%.

“The inevitability of the end of the month and the necessary process of closing positions and hedging today seemed to be underlined by an increased appetite for portfolio dollarization, but in a scenario that did not leave a calm character and with a small number of surprises”, analyzed the operator Gustavo Quintana, PR Corredores de Cambio.

From ABC Mercado de Cambios they indicated that the number of free weights after tender Lelik “This allowed bank operators to buy currency based on their own and hedging applications of companies, and even investors who changed their positions, caused a sharp jump in the value of the wholesale dollar.”,

And they added that "it is obvious that in the last days of the month the exchange rate tends to increase due to the coverage of banks, companies and investors that go out of futures and must have currency for a position or make money abroad"

Prices moved irregularly and were pushed by somewhat more consistent demand in the last segment of the day, reducing the distance from the lower boundary of the zone of non-intervention.

The lows were recorded shortly after the start of the trading day, when deals were trading at $ 37.13, just two cents below the previous end. The demand for coverage was accentuated in the last part of the session, which caused an increase in the price of the dollar, which peaked at $ 37.70. At the end of the session.

The total volume of the wholesale dollar amounted to 768 million US dollars, which is 8% less than on Monday.

The currency growth registered today in the local market is the opposite of the region, where the Brazilian real strengthened by 1.1%; Chilean peso added 0.7%, and Mexican peso – 0.3%.

Other markets

Call money dropped on Tuesday about 700 basis points, 45% per year average one-day (on Monday he worked an average of 53% per year) in a market that adjusts to liquidity in accordance with recent trading in accounts issued by the Treasury and the BCRA

“Overweight applications lead to the fact that the rate of call-money marked low, "said the bank operator.

AT ROFEXIt was involved 1 435 million dollars. The United States, of which more than 50% was agreed in the conditions of January and February, and the operating cost was $ 37.79 and $ 39; with rates of 43.57% and 41.95%, respectively. At times, sellers disappeared when such a sharp increase was observed in the cash market. Conditions were in all respects, increasing on average by more than $ 0.40; less than a place that showed higher growth.

Informal area, in turn, blue advanced 25 cents at $ 38.50According to a survey of this carrier in the caves of the center of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, on Friday, “contact conley” gave 47 cents to $ 37.01.

In the same time, Central bank reserves on Monday, they increased by $ 14 million to $ 66.427 million.

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