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The child will leave his home for the new year after a year spent in isolation

Mila May Hatcher will have a different and hopeful end of the year. What's this after he was imprisoned for a year due to a strange illness, you can go out to celebrate the arrival of 2019, Before Christmas 2017, she was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, so she had to stay in her home.

This rare and serious condition occurs when the body stops producing the required number of new blood cellsin accordance with Mayo ClinicThis occurs in one of every million people and not only causes fatigue, but also increases the risk of infections and uncontrolled bleeding. To cure it, a bone marrow transplant must be 100% compatible, as reported to parents.

In March of this year the donor has appearedAn anonymous young man of 21, and they had surgery. From that moment on, her recovery was outstanding, and she began to dance, sing and enjoy life with her friends.

“Last year, he just wanted to go to parties and see his friends. This year, you can finally do it, "her mother told foreign media." We had a very difficult year. She had no immune system, so we decided that it was better to have her at home and away from infections.“The risk was so high that we just went to the hospital,” said the woman.

"Finally, he was able to go out again and enjoy the parties. We became a normal family again."Mile's mother said. To get the year 2019, this English family will go to a bowling alley and party. The child still needs to be checked, but can resume activities on her own within 5 years.

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