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The art installation, made of 168,000 plastic straws used, encourages people to reduce plastic consumption

Just a few weeks after his three-story art installation filled with a lifetime of clothes "The tallest wardrobe in the world In Egypt, an exposition was devoted to the world's first obsession with consumption, a visual engineer and "artist" Benjamin von Wong was again in it, creating an artistic installation of 168,000 used plastic straws in Vietnam.

While the original design was created with the help of technical designer from San Francisco, Nick Moser and Stefan Sukny, designer of the quest room in Serbia, local designer Fozha Zyang helped bring the concept to life.

It took a little more than half a year to build, and an entire army of volunteers gathered at it, a 3.3-meter high artistic installation made of used plastic straws. "Part of the plastic sea" (aka #strawpocalypse) is finally erected. This art project aims to highlight the problem of ocean plasticity and encourage people to abandon disposable plastic.

All images courtesy of Benjamin von Wong.

"This is just one drop, said 8 billion people." In my latest issue, I wanted to find a unique way to demonstrate the threat to our ocean and future generations, ”writes von Wong on Instagram.

“With a plastic truck flowing into the ocean every 60 seconds, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed — but I always thought it was less about what we couldn't do, and more about what we could do, even if it was something then small, like to say no, please straw. "

With the support of Zero Waste Saigon, Starbucks Vietnam sponsorship and dedicated volunteers, it still took almost two weeks to clean, organize and prepare used straws for the construction of plastic sea. "Only for $ 10 for 100,000 straws [on Alibaba]it would be very convenient to buy a ton of them and come up with something, but this is clearly not an option. ”

Stroopocalypse von Wong art installation

Each year, nearly eight million tons of plastic waste falls into the ocean; A high percentage of discarded plastic dirt is plastic straws. In fact, out of the top 10 plastic items collected by volunteers at one of the world's largest beach cleaning activities, the Ocean Conservancy organization International coastal cleaningplastic straws are in seventh place after cigarette butts, food packaging, plastic bottles and lids for beverages and plastic bags.

Last year, Collins’s dictionary was even called “Singleusing"As the 2018 word says, reflecting a growing global understanding of environmental issues, however, the environmental group Strawless Ocean believes that Americans still use 500 million straws a day, and a group of experts from the War Waste program believes that Australians are using a million straws a day.

With his artwork, von Wong wants the plastic pollution talk to start with a plastic straw — but he doesn’t want it to end there. “Although this installation is made of straw, it is not only about straw. This is the first step towards paying attention to the plastic epidemic threatening the oceans on which we rely.

“If by 2050 the situation does not change, there may be more plastic in the sea than fish. Although such statistics may seem frightening and impossible to fight, it all starts with small simple actions. ”

The art installation can be seen in the atrium of Estella Place, a retail podium located in the Estella Heights condominium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

For more information on this art project, visit the Von Wong website here.

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