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Susana Gimnaise celebrated her birthday in New York. Look at the photo of the event!

Susana Gimnaz he fulfilled yesterday and was surprised at his unexpected decision. Everyone believes that they will celebrate in Punta del Este with all the glamor and the most prestigious figures of television as guests. However, lace She changed plans and traveled to the United States with her daughter, Mercedes Sarrabayruz, and her closest friends.

Phone diva He chose the elegant Baccarat Room restaurant in New York to celebrate his special day. Mekha and several friends were present, among whom was the theater producer Dani Maas, with whom he had been friends for over 30 years. For dessert, there were sweets, truffles and pasta (typical for France).

Famous conductor will be installed in New York for several days where several flights are scheduled. Susana was planning to see performances on Broadway. In particular, she is very interested to see the show Cher, one of the events of the New York theater billboard. that star I plan to spend a few days in Miami to rest.

Mara Susana Gimnaise Auber I was born in 1944 in Buenos Aires. He owns Martn Fierro de Platino and an extensive and very successful career. It gives the feeling that he is able to turn everything he touches into gold. Polyfactics: she was a model, a guide, an actress, the editor of her own magazine and now that she has lived a year with her cycle Susana Gimnez.

A sturdy leg since she first appeared on the cover of "People with a legend Susana, a woman who kills" in 1967. After studying at Quilmes High School and at La Anunziata School and after marrying a man by last name (as any upper middle class family wanted), he had a daughter at 18, and from there he joined the modeling agency Hctor Cavallero. Her figure and her charisma attracted the attention of director Fernando Ayala, who joined the cast of “In my house I” (1968), who followed his performances in the programs “Stano-bit”, “Marriage and others”, and this last one cost him first Martn Fierro in 1970.

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