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Stunning stream of the river Mina Clavero: fell more than 100 mm

Very strong and local rain was recorded over the city of Mina Clavero in the valley of the Translacerra at noon Thursday.

According to the San Alberto Police Department, they fell by about 100 millimeters in almost two hours. Flood 4 levels.

Quartermaster Claudio Manzanelli said that the water affected mainly enterprises that are located near the river. He noted that this episode was unusual, since in the center of the city for about two hours, from 12, “in a very short time” about 107 millimeters of rain fell.

Intensive rainfall has created some problems, such as cutting fords and bridges as a result of flooding the river that crosses this city. It was even reported that two cars were washed away with water, although there are no records of the wounded. The car was taken by the river.

In the center, the water exceeded the bridge level by one meter and advanced a quarter and a half on both sides of San Martin Street. Several companies have registered the penetration of water inside.

This phenomenon, in principle, was very localized, since in the same area of ​​the Traslacerra valley the rains were significantly lower: from 20 to 70 millimeters, depending on the zones. The biggest recordings were about Mine Clavero and the highland region where this river is formed.

The departmental police are now easing the situation if emergency situations have arisen in other localities in the region. For about 15 years, Villa Kura Brochero has reported on several houses near the Panakhol River with waterlogging.

There was no precipitation in the south of the Traslaserra valley.

Neighbors and tourists from the Mina-Clavero municipality warned not to approach the rivers, given the floods they register.


Mina Clavero 100 mm

Naciente de los Sauce 58 mm

Nasiente Mina Clavero 61 mm

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