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Strong revelation of Paula Chávez about Ariel Rodriguez Palacios

The driver came out to support Geraldine Neumann, and admitted what the chef did to his girlfriend. Watch the video

Paula Chavez she supported her friend Geraldine Neumann after she condemns Ariel Rodriguez Palacios for abuses in justice. at intrudersThe driver unveiled a strong piece of chef El Nueva.

“She told me how bad it happened, I didn't know that I was going to add it to my stories”commented on Paula, turning to initial post Neumann in which he painted Palacios for his actions with her.

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“At that time, Gege didn’t have a good time. If a friend comes to me and says that she suffers from ill-treatment. She tells him inappropriate jokes that make her feel uncomfortable all the time, leaves phallic objects on top of the counterthat he is joking with things to her and all her companions, "Chavez said on the matter, to later assure that Neiman and her companions advised each other legally condemn it before justice.

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On the floor intruderspanelist Guido Zaffor revealed that some of the phallic objects left by the chef to irritate Geraldine were fruit and pepper, and that he even kneaded the shapes that looked like a penis below the camera plane.

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