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“Sorry, because I invited her to the program, I think this is a girl …” The driver is in trouble!

The world of television can be truly ruthless, and many people who saw it, day after day, found themselves out of work, because their bosses decided not to renew the contract without giving them any explanation; In fact, Marcelo Tinelli himself said that shortly before he became the most successful rider in Argentina, he had a strong discussion with the manager of the Clarín group, and this person forbade him to enter the 13th channel “for life”.

Of course, time heals wounds, and today a charismatic journalist tells a joke with humor, realizing that success allows us to forget the insults of the past; the question is whether Nai Avad can "forgive" his fellow students "Bendit TV" after an unexpected disconnection from the cycle. Beto Casella told about the actress and dancer who had worked with him as a member of the group for several months and was really very sincere.

“It hurts me because I invited her to the program, I think that she is a girl who communicates well and has a personality, despite the fact that she is a girl. And it worked well. It is true that sometimes there is a joke among the panelists that I accept because nothing personal happens to a personal one. And maybe someday, fuckin ', Ventura said: “This pendej says a lot,” but nothing that doesn’t happen at ShowMatch. If I see that there is something that can hurt someone or feel bad, I will stop it. I did not see anything in the air that would be a part of it, ”said the driver in Diario de Mariana.

And then he referred to the fact that it would have caused the twenties adolescent to leave the program so quickly and unexpectedly. “I understand that one night, Nye started tweeting or retwelling unpleasant things against anyone and the panel. She got angry alone, and I would like her to continue. She already says that she was thrown on the phone, and it is not. It hurts me because she offered a lot to the program, ”the driver concluded.

It's nice to remember that Nye warned through his Twitter account that the relationship with his colleagues was not at all good. “Today, for the first time in @BenditaOk, I was very upset about the program for several months. Despite the fact that I am going through a duel with my grandmother on several programs, I experience a kind of “bullying” on the part of my colleagues who do not suit me ”(sic), condemned the excellist, making it clear that he feels very bad.

And then it was even more direct. “I love this program and work on the channel, but I don’t intend to tolerate the jodas program, because it’s new or pendeja … as far as I understand, jealousy or jealousy, I don’t know, but I’m going to work and to be happy there, and I am a good companion "(sic), confessed the goddess, who shone in the dance for the dream of 2018, until she resigned and was replaced by Picantísima Mica Viciconte.

Avada made it clear that his problem was with the other participants in the discussion, and not with the technical team. “Fortunately, my producers are the majority, but my companions … great people, it seems to me, they sailed, and there is no more limit. Anyway, I wanted to express it, because I was very tormented, and it is terrible. Yes, and one more thing for my colleagues in the panel, who also talk about feminism, enjoying my discomfort on the air because of their bullying … after, as Pachano said, to cry in the camp, do not come and do not ask for forgiveness . While full of envy! Fushhhh "(sic), Avada finished his speech, unable to hide his anger.

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