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Soares will debut soon – 01/29/2009

On Saturday, finally, he signed his signature on his contract. On Sunday he trained for the first time. with several of his companions (those who have not played before Patronato). On Monday, he made his first full-time practice. And this Tuesday, after the third workout on the river, Matias Suárez was called Marcelo Gallardo visit Godoy Cruz.

Cruise vs Godoy

Jorge Carrascal

Captain in 37

Suarez steps on the ball and looks at the clock (PRESS RIVER)

Suarez steps on the ball and looks at the clock (PRESS RIVER)

Third reinforcement

And the call will occur, quite possibly, in Oreja debut with a red stripe crossing his chest. Because he even has a chance to start, if the coach saw him in the form at this time, after the preliminary season he did with Belgrano.

Unfavorable strip

Suarez’s chances of playing are primarily due to the fact that Rafal Santos Borre – the only player in the team that played full games before defense and justice, union and rule, and could rest. This Gallardo advanced for most holders a week ago, but now – after the third defeat in a row – has decided to finish.


Therefore, if Munieco retains the Colombian, Suarez's option to accompany Pratto in the attack, although the young Lukas Beltran was also called, who played in the last game.

"He has the qualities to play in the river and it can give us freshness. You can fight for a place, and I need players to fight for a place to raise competition, ”said the Doll about the man he excited and nervous when he called him to seduce him to become part of the American champion.

In addition to Suárez, River must recover, and Gallardo has not yet given public testimony about the workouts, which he will use on Wednesday evening against Godoy Cruz. But possible 11 with Armani; Montiel, Martinez Quarta or Rojas, Pinola, Casco; Nacho Fernandez; Ponzio, Enzo Pérez, Palacios or De la Cruz; Borre or Suarez and Pratto.


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