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Scientists train AI


The researchers worked with epilepsy patients undergoing brain surgery.

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Neuroengineers have been crafted.

An article published on the Columbia University Journal of Colombia University Reporting and intelligible reconstructed speech. " The research was reported earlier this month but the journal goes to far greater depth.

You can always communicate through a synthesized robotic voice.

“We’ve shown that we’ve been able to make it,” he said.

When we speak our brains light up, It can be one of the more lucid words. With enough understanding, it can be a device that translates thinking into speaking.

This is a "vocoder" that creates a "vocoder".

Epilepsy patients who were already undergoing surgery to help out. The patient listens for 40 seconds, then randomly six times. Listening to the stories helped train the vocoder.

Next, listen to the speakers. The vocoder algorithm is known as WORLD, then it has been cleared up by a neural network, eventually resulting in a robotic speech. You can hear what it sounds like here. It’s not understandable.

"Attempting to find out what you are trying to do."

It’s not a problem. It is expected that it will increase the amount of training needed.

Looking forward to his teamworking They also have a complex set of words and sentences. Improve your ability to improve your brain.

That would be a monumental step forward for many.

"Mesgarani said.

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