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Scientist Announces First Genetically Modified Children Immune to HIV

Infants Lulu and Nana are the first children. genetically edited in humanity. It has been confirmed author of the scientist experiment, He Jiankui, during the second International Congress of Genetic Publications, which is held in Hong Kong.

The medical adviser to RPP News, Elmer Huerta, commented during the La Rotativa del Aire program that at first the community did not believe him scientifically because the genetic researcher He missed all official channels of communication and made his preliminary announcement via YouTube and Associated Press AgencyHowever, with its exposure at the second International Congress, perceptions have changed. Even the scientist has already announced that he is practicing same genetic edition in another pregnancy,

The scientist asked for a public apology for his informality in announcing a scientific feat, but justified his actions under the pressure of parents who wanted to make public that their daughters would be the first children. will be made immune to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

What is a genetic publication?

When sperm is combined with an egg, an egg is formed, this egg has 23 chromosomes provided by the mother and the father. That's why there are 46 chromosomes. In this summary human genome who has everything physical, intellectual, disease-prone characteristics, among other signs of a future person,

From the egg they begin to divide the cells, which become an embryo, then a fetus and baby are born– explained Elmer Worth.

Genetic editing occurs when the CRISPR method opens the chromosome and enters the gene. A scientist can replace it with another one or manipulate it so that the gene is turned off.,

Well, in the case of girls, Lulu and Nana, the gene whose function is to “open the door” was turned off, so HIV enters the bodyThus, girls are forever immune to HIV, and the descendants of girls also inherit this genetic change, Worth says.

The genetic result of the scientist He Jiankui "opens the door" to a new line of people, which is already they are called "children for design",,

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